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Happy Spring! (Notice I waited until we were well and truly into spring before saying that this time! :) )
The weather is gorgeous, we're moving into fun units on plants, animals, and habitats, and the class is excited to start playing with money. Our readers are moving up to new levels, some even into introductory chapter books! Thank you for supporting your young reader, because I can see it in their progress!

As we are heading from April into May, we will also begin wrapping up our year. It is hard to believe that I am preparing the next month's calendar, and it will have a week of June on it! Please continue to support your student's work by encouraging reading, math practice, and getting a good night's sleep so that they are ready as we approach our end-of-year testing weeks. I am so proud of the progress they've made!

I hope you can enjoy the weather, rain or shine. Have a great April and May!

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