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Winter assessments are over, we're halfway through the month of February--and can you believe we haven't had a major snow since the turn of the year? I think we just may get all of our spring break and Memorial Day this year!

February is a fun month. Valentine's Day, heart and teeth health, national symbols and famous Americans--we're having so much fun with science and social studies! In math we're working on patterns and in reading we're learning to look for problems and solutions. We're also discovering the author's purpose for writing a book, and what that can tell us about what we're reading. 

Don't forget to come out for Family Math Night on Thursday, February 19th! Through the Fire Catering will be set up with good food, and our school staff will be running fun game stations all over the school. We'd love to see you there for fun and treats!

Stay warm, and Happy February!

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