Welcome new 3rd-4th  graders to your teacher's site!!
Join our Augusta County Library's Summer Reading Program! This website is a good place to sign up! :)
:) :)  Students as you are working on IXL this summer, I'll add your name and minutes!! For every half hour, you will earn a gift card of your choice to Walmart or Target,  for $1.00, from your 3rd grade teacher.  (Max of $10 per student so you don't break your teacher's personal budget. An extra treat for the top three winners.) We're keeping our math skills fresh! :) :)
While many eyes are on the World Cup Soccer Competition, we  have a math competition started in our last year's class, I tell ya!! Ainsley has 13 minutes, Kira has 16 minutes, and Eric has advanced ahead with 34 minutes! Even though emails have been sent to parents, please let encourage your former classmates to join our math competition!
  Parents and PTA, your involvement in your children's education is so important and appreciated!

   Wow! Can you believe we have finished our school year?! Enjoy your summer getting out in our beautiful Virginia! Virginia is for lovers of our nature, history, entertainment, sports, and good books!
Use your math skills to help your parents shop for groceries and learn to cook!
Remember, Verona kids are respectful, responsible, and eager to always be learning! :)
Mrs. Myers
Enjoy lots of learning games!
Word Games!
Oh, my goodness! You must try some of these language games!!
Science SOL Released test items to practice! :)
Wonderful Science practice for our SOL test! 
Great math games!
Wonderful Math practice with technology enhancement questions!
Jamestown Online Adventure
Try your hand at SOL practice, please!
Wonderful perimeter practice!! 
Try your hand at perimeter and area! 
Alien Punctuation game!
Try this fun cartoon game from Garfield!
Synonym, Antonym and homophones 
Think Math 
We  used claymation to shed light on our 4 European explorers. Thanks to Mrs. Karen Miller to putting together your still pictures and audio of each Explorer's life into iMovie. Click on the Famous Americans link! Enjoy!
If your family would enjoy having our pet rabbit, Rex, to spend the weekend with you, just let me know. He comes with his food and shavings. He will need a ride home from school and back again, since he doesn't ride the bus. :)
Scholastic Book Club website for online ordering! :)
<a href='https://orders.scholastic.com/HJ6BZ'><img src='http://clubs2.scholastic.com/wcsstore/ExtendedSitesCatalogAssetStore/common/images/layout/embed-short-style.png'/></a> 
Great IXL Math practice for homework!
 Great Science Review practice!
 Here are wonderful keyboarding games through a symbalo, thanks to Mrs. Miller, our ITRT!
Scroll down below, for fun games to play.
See some cool recommended reading :) This is where I  found out about the Lunch Lady series~!

Enjoy the games below! :) 
Parents, YOU really do make a difference in your child's life!!
Feel free to contact me at rmyers@augusta.k12.va.us
Your teacher and friend,
Mrs. Rowena Myers :)
IXL Math log-in-even over the summer! Use your lunch number for both your username and password, please.
2 Word Study practice sites for homework :)

Freerice.com is a wonderful way to donate food to people groups who are hungry, and improve your vocabulary and math skills! :) 
Lots of wonderful word games are on this Sybaloo site!! 
Girls, have fun learning your multiplication facts while dressing up a fashion girl! :)
 Jamestown Online adventure! :)
measurement games
How about some keyboarding games?
Measurement video to teach measuring ordinary objects around home.
Build your own thermometer!
Great Geometry games to play!
Cool Ten Frame online game! :)
Math Zone offers lots of online math activities :)
Story Starters for great writing!
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
 Try this fascinating online  writing activity with Scholastic!
Take a pretest on Simple machines. :)
Place Value practice game!
A fantastic math site with different games! Myers' class- Click on Verona-elementary-school and use your sumdog username and password. Have fun!!
Lots of really cool math games!
Here's a really cool site for reading comprehension games!
 Wonderful learning games, all on one site, thanks to Karen Miller!!
Wonderful Time games!
Jefferson Lab math practice
Internet4 classrooms math practice: choose place value, rounding- estimates, addition, multiplication, and subtraction games
Drag and Drop Math problem game!
Play one of the Grammar games online. Lots of fun!! 
Study for your Maps test, learning the location of  hemispheres, equator, and prime meridian through the  Millionaire game.
Practice your map skills with this interactive game.
Free Rice is a wonderful way to practice vocabulary skills and help feed people who are hungry! :)
3rd grade READING SOL online practice :)
Get familiar with with 3rd grade ancient Greece and Rome vocabulary by playing games! :)

Suffix game
 Play some Measurement games online!
Try these Measurement questions. If you're successful, the little guy is happy!
Practice your Homophone word choices!
 Have fun playing these reading strategy games for 3rd to 5th graders! :)
Try these fun Science games to help you get ready for your SOL test! :)
Cool site for videos and activities to do with Animal Adaptations
Wonderful Math resources to review for SOL practice!

On this page, you will find several keyboarding games. :)
Math SOL practice questions :)
Here are a slew of wonderful math games to play
Simple Machines games :)
Third grade Science review with games!
 Simple and Complex Machines Activities :)
Science Songs
Subtraction rap and games
Ascend Math for study math facts online!
Put Christmas lights on a house by solving math problems. The more problems you solve, the more lights!! :)
Lots of math games :)
Time games and activities :)
Do you know the time?
Another time game
Several math games are on this site
Use this site to practice many math activities! :)
Another cool site for math games!
Telling Time games
Ancient Greek- Fling the Teacher
Ancient Rome- Fling the Teacher
Ancient Greek Olympic facts
Car Wash Multiplication! Wash those cars!
Animal Adaptations video
Wonderful Science resources
"Find the Continent" Game to play. :)
Drag an Drop the continents game
Latitude and longitude game
Franny's Feet geography game
Enjoy all these wonderful games in different subject areas! This is a wonderful summer activity site on rainy days!
Jefferson Lab math and science quizzes to take!
Learn Math Vocabulary with these FUN activities!
Wow! Here's a great site for language arts/ reading practice!
Try these LEVEL ONE typing games on dancemattyping!!
When you've mastered level one, check with Mrs. Myers about going on to LEVEL TWO! :)
Have a blast with this story starter on Scholastic!!
Try these reading strategy activities!
Here is a site of wonderful math games galore!! Have fun this summer playing these games!
Let's practice 3 different angles!
Build a fish and see if it can adapt! Fun interactive game!
Try this Supermarket interactive botany game!
Watch the video of tricks you can do with shadows!
Play the Great Plant Escape game!
Plant Explorer Activities
Here's a good site to practice basic time facts
Bedtime Bandits! Try to stay up as late as possible by telling time!
Stop the Clock! Game
Telling Time Practice
Calendar Dates
Play "Fly By" contraction game
Contraction Concentration Game
Dr. Seuss' Storymaker! Have fun writing your own story!
Play these Science games on Jefferson Lab!
View how gravity of the moon affects tides on the earth.
Play the Environmental Rescue game by completing sentences, using your word attack skills.
Play this Probability game to understand these skills.
Review place value game
Practice your multiplication facts with the hot air balloon game
Down on the Farm- easy and fast multiplication
Fling the Teacher Multiplication Game
Another Fling the Teacher Multiplication Game if the 1st doesn't work! :)
Two and three D shapes with Fling the teacher
Fling the Teacher with addition and subtraction facts
Fling the Teacher with Percents, Decimals, and Fractions!
multiplication game from Fun Mult. Math
Walk the Plank with Multiplication
Fridge math Games!
Rhyming with a Circus game
Alpine Ski Lodge game with similar vowel sounds
Find the rhyming picture words
Different parts of a book
Chapter heading quiz
Setting Match
Match the When in the setting
Picture puzzle games for fun!
Online Prefix game!
Play Hangman with Prefixes
Wordle Prefixes format
Prefix matching game
Prefix Catch- use the arrow keys to move the Red Riding Hood
Various online activities to use prefix words
Build a Crystal Castle with your knowledge of prefixes!
Show what you know with these prefix quizzes!
Type in the suffix words
Match the suffix with the base word
Can you pass this quiz on suffixes?
Flamingo with suffix y, ly
Suffixes ship, hood, ness, ment
Suffixes of ful, less, ly
Suffixes make new words
Another suffix game
Click on the game, "In the Maze" for a fun suffix game
Jelly fish suffix game
Water Cycle facts- kid site!
Here are some cool place value games!
Math Magician- Practice your addition and subtraction facts
Ancient Greece website
Fling the Teacher Game with Ancient Greece
Fling the Teacher Game with Ancient Rome
Check out these 3 Food Webs game!
Create An Ocean Food Web Game
Create a Rainforest Food Web
Surprising Carnivores information page
Birds' beaks adaptations!
Birds' feet adaptations
Take the Turtle Race for a week! See how far you get!
Can you tell which is an organism? Click on the pictures to find out!
Here's a great math site to practice our third grade skills!
Location on a Map grid web game!
Letter Number Grid Play web game!
Help Mario find his birthday card and gifts!
Learn more about maps on a Kids' page!
Lots of games to play and learn as you play!!
Parents' Guide to A.R. with questions answered! :)
Math interactives!
"Fling the Teacher" multiplication game
Math Quiz for practice
Race Car Race with Fractions
Jeopardy with multiplication
Drag Racing with Division
Subtracting Fractions- Bug Splat
Basic Shapes Game
Decimals jeopardy game
Play this game to learn about Government!
Millionaire Game with Government concepts:)

These are 2nd grade math practices
These are 1st grade math practices!
Native Americans
See how much you know about Native Americans

One Hen maze
One Hen memory game
Read stories who have benefitted from small loans! :)
Try out this Mali Scavenger Hunt!!! :)
On this site are 3rd grade computer games!
Try theses prefix and suffix games!
Here are other language arts games to play!
Fun with Plants!
Plant Quiz
How does your garden grow?
Check out the books and games on this Scholastic Website! ;)
Fairy Tales kindergarten review. Check out the quiz, 3rd graders!!
Paul Revere
Simple Machines learning site
Simple Machine game!
Try this money game!
Giving change back game!
Giving cashier money game!
Matching money game!
Great clock activity in the classroom!
Match time words with time numbers game!
Stop the Clock game!
Time Quiz! You can do it!
Reading: Enjoy the Groundhog Day and Pos, , sum Night story
Try these multiplication games!
Here's another great multiplication game site!
Try this multiplication g, ame!
Wow! What a wonderful kid site on the Solar System!
Day and Night
Seasonal Changes
Phases of the Moon
The Tides are affected by the moon's gravity!
Check out the planets as you would travel through space!
Earth, Moon, and Sun
The planets in their orbits!
Earth in different colors!
Check out the Solar System!
This looks like a fun Explorer game with your group
Try matching these Roman cards!
Dress the Roman gladiator
Other Roman sites
A fun game on cyberbullying!
Game site for learning States of Matter
Check out the Explorers
Review what you know about ancient civilizations
Try a Ponce de Leon webquest
Solids, Liquids and Gases
Scholastic's Greece site
Voyage Back in Time to Ancient Greece
Ancient Greek game site
Ancient Greek theater
Ancient Greece website
Check these site out about three Greek cities! Read carefully!
Soils Critter Game
Great Soils website!
I Know That website with lots of ideas!
Watch and read along with fairy tales and folktales!
Reading helps for parents on Finding the Main Idea strategy
Animal adaptations game
READING: Drawing Conclusions Quiz!~
READING: Context Clues quiz!~
SeeWhat You Know About Bats: Quiz
GRAMMAR: Pronoun Quiz :)
Practice learning your continents and oceans! :)
Drag the continents to their correct place in the world!
Another geography game!
Now take a quiz on hemispheres that we've studied in our class!
Here's the Battleship game put with our Map Skills.
Place Value to the Thousands games
Wonderful math practice games!
Practice Odd an, d Even Numbers!
Wow! Lots of fun to play with Math!
<, DIV>Easier Math problems
Take a little ten question quiz on place value!
Here's a 20 question place value game!
Want to practice comparing Numbers? Great practice with Ch. 3
Try correct keyboarding games! :)
Rounding Math games
Prefix games
Here are several good reading practice tests I found online!
These games would give you practice over the summer to keep you fresh with what we have studied this year!
Students: Take these review tests for me! You'll do fine when you read your questions and answers carefully! :)
Here's a cool Math website!
A wonderful site to practice for your SOL tests is here!
Check out several Jamestown sites
Emily Wampler was our wonderful ambassador who communicated from Antarctica! Check out her photos! She's Mrs. Wampler, our former guidance counselor's daughter!
Here's a great site for games in preparing for our SOL tests in Science and Social Studies. Remember the password is "pass".
Here is a wonderful site for SOL practices!
Check out these wonderful Mali website activities!
Check out Mali mudcloth making!
H:\Powerpoints\Mali Discovering Mudcloth.mht
Wonderful smartboard activities for SOL practice: Remember to stick with 3rd grade activities, please, unless instructed differently.
Look for the 3rd grade games and activities! Younger siblings may play the K-2 games!
Here's a great Tesselation game to play as we study our Geometry!
And another great Tesselation site!
Stop the Clock game on Time practice
Thomas Edison online biography game- Try it! :) http://gardenofpraise.com/ibdediso.htm
Myers' Portaportal http://my.portaportal.com/ type in myersclass
Valentine games
Math games galore!
Math magician! Practice your multiplication!
Biography people and games
Life of George Washington movies
Rags to Riches games with biography people
Benjamin Franklin movie
Benjamin Franklin Part 2 movie
Beginning Lessons on Goods and Services- interactive games
Simple Machines game
Kids' games on Simple Machines
Simple Machines with the Rats from NIMH
More simple machine activities
Simple machine examples and Quiz
Examples of Wedges
Adjectives games
Making sentences with penguins
Great story sites with science twist
Fun Syllable game
Finding the Main Idea- Practice
Main Idea Quiz :)
Money- counting, change up to $5.00, adding and subtracting with regrouping
Time: Elapsed and more!
Math Games
Native Americans' website practice test
Matter-Solids, Liquids, and Gases
Food Chains review game
Native American Hangman game for practice
Ancient Greece practice test
Simplier word patterns game:
Language Arts games
Flip a Chip game:
This site will read stories to you!
Smartboard lesson: Click on "animal groups" the 3rd grade one :)
<, /DIV>
Ancient Greece and Rome game (Only play after we've studied both countries! :) ) http://www.quia.com/cm/17527.html
Food Webs
Earth Day Activities:
Government Word study practice game!
Reading, Language Arts Practice and SO MUCH MORE for our SOL tests in May! :)
wond, erful links in all subject areas fo, r practice!
more Language Arts games for learning! http://www.primarygames.com/curriculum/language_arts.htm
Social Studies quizzes
Math Practice sites:
Measurement games
Ancient Mali websites:
Renewable resources
Music and phot, os of Mali
Stuck in Mali webquest
Writing website for poetry and more!
Review of Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome
Pictures: Ancient Rome
Famous American people:
This is a good website for magnet practice from 2nd grade.
simple machines
http://www.edheads.org/ on simple machines
Social Studies study on Economics- websites
Famous American's quiz because it's for 1st graders!
Reading practice sites!
Math games
Writing a myth:
General activities!
Math practice
Simple Machines site:
Your teacher who cares about YOU! :)
Mrs. Myers
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