The Instructional department  works with teachers, administrators and other departments to improve student outcomes. Instructional Supervisors work with school and division staff to develop curricula, provide materials and instructional resources, implement professional development, and support innovative instructional practice. 

Vision: Empowering life-long learning.

Mission: We provide support for teachers, administrators, and staff to enable all students to learn.


  • Provide materials and resources for teachers, administration, and staff to enable all students to learn.
  • Know, process, and communicate standards (national, state, professional, division goals, curriculum guides, research, etc,).
  • Connect all curricular areas to each other
  • Promote, model and expect effective instruction and best practices.
  • Provide relevant and consistent staff development.

Mailing Address Physical Address
Augusta County Schools
Instruction Dept.
PO Box 960 
Verona, VA 24482
68 Dick Huff Lane
Verona, VA 24482 

Instructional Staff

Staff Member
Secretary Phone #
Ms. Tina Kiracofe
Director of Instruction
Instruction Department
Instructional Technology
Lesley Dofflemyer  (540) 245-5122

Ms. Laurie Biser Intervention Specialists

Teresa Hester  (540) 245-5117
Ms. Wendy Chandler Testing & Assessment
Summer School High School 

Linda DePari

(540) 245-5121
Ms. Angie Deitz Science (6-8), (9-12)
Mathematics- Secondary (6-12)
Gifted Education          

Lesley Dofflemyer  
Linda DePari 
(540) 245-5119
(540) 245-5181 
Ms. Forrest Burgdorf
Social Studies (6-12) 
Foreign Language

Teresa Hester  (540) 245-5172
Mr. Michael Tetto Art (PreK-12)
Music (PreK-12)
Driver Education      

Teresa Hester 
(540) 245-5172
Mrs. Jane Wright English Language Arts (K-5)
Title I
TLC - Afterschool Program

Tonia Broome   (540) 245-5116
Ms. Andrea Riegel PreSchool

Julie Botkin
Teresa Wilt
 (540) 245-5140
Ms. Lisa Shifflett Mentorship
School Counseling
Dual Enrollment 
 Lesley Dofflemyer
 (540) 245-5119     
Ms. Jessica ColvinInstructional Specialist  
Ms. Sarah BeckInstructional Specialist  
Ms. Sarah Davis       Instructional Specialist  


Last updated November 10, 2013.