Famous Virginians

created by the 5th grade Library Power Up Students in December 2011

Arthur Ashe by Caleb
Arthur Ashe was born July 10,1943.He was born near Richmond,VA. Arthur Ashe was a tennis player. Arthur Ashe won  the United States amateur championship cup. Arthur ashe was african-american. Arthur Ashe served in the U.S. army from 1966 to 1968. Arthur Ashe married Jeanne Moutoussamy in 1977. In 1979 Ashe suffered a heart attack. He died on February 6,1993.     

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On June 10 Harry F. Byrd was born.     Harry F. Byrd is famous for being, “Pay as you go” governor. Harry is also famous for desegregation in schools. On June 10 Harry F. Byrd was born. Harry Flood Byrd was also a senator.  In 1930 Harry F. Byrd took over his father’s news paper. In September 1958 schools were integrating under court. Harry Flood Byrd died on October 20, 1966.


  Oliver W. Hill by Raven                             

Oliver W. Hill was born May 1, 1907 in Richmond, Virginia. He died August 5, 2007 when he was 100 years.  Oliver was a civil rights lawyer when he was in the U.S. and was famous for the Brown vs. Board of Education because he argued with it.

Oliver’s Uncle was also a lawyer but died. He was honored the Virginian of the year

on February 5, 2003. Did you know that the W. in Oliver W. Hill stands for White?


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A.  Linwood Holton, Jr. by Bryan

  Abner Holton was born on September 21, 1923 and was born at Big Stone Gap Va.  He had two sons and two daughters.  Their names were Dwight, Woody, Anne, and Taylor.  Holton became governor of Virginia in 1970-1974. Holton was the 61st governor of Virginia.  Holton was the republican  candidate  for governor in 1965.  Abner Holton is still alive and his current age is 88 years old.  Also Holton was a lawyer and republican.  Holton graduated from Washington and Lee University. He is a 1949 graduate from Harvard Law school .  He  was also in the U.S. Navy during World War 2.



George C. Marshall lived in Vancouver, WA  He served as a chief and staff in World War 2. He was born on December 31,1880 in Uniontown ,Pennsylvania. George C. Marshall is dead.  He directed more than 600,000 troops. He died in 1959. His father owned coal and coke properties.
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 L. Douglas Wilder was born January seventeenth, nineteen-thirty one .  He  was born in Richmond, Virginia. L. Douglas Wilder married Eunice Wilder.  They had three children.  He was in the Military service working for the United States of America in Korea. Douglas also was the first black elected governor in United States history.  He was governor of Virginia.   Wilder was governor for four years. He is age eighty right now in two thousand and eleven. Douglas was educated in Virginia Union University.  He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry.   Wilder  won a lot of things but one thing he won is statewide office. He became a professor at Virginia Common Wealth University.  Douglas won three dozen honorary degrees and a bronze star. 



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