Library FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


When my child borrows a book, when is it due back?

Books are due back at the library 2 weeks after they are checked out, but can be returned earlier. Books may also be renewed, however the book must be brought to the library to be renewed.  top

The book my child wants is checked out. What can he/she do?

A hold may be place on a book which is currently out to another student. Students should ask at the circulation desk.


Can students borrow materials other than books? How?

To support differentiated instruction that meets the needs of all learners, students may occasionally borrow non-print materials that support learning the curriculum. Non-print items, such as DVDs, videos and audio book kits, are due back to the library on the next school day after the date they are borrowed.


How many books can be borrowed at one time?


Below are the maximum number of books allowed.  Any parent who wants his/her child to bring more (or less) library books home should contact Mrs. Heisel, Librarian  and make the request.  Parent requests are honored, but the child will be required to return all overdue books before he/she can borrow a new book.

Pre-K students are permitted only one book at a time.  

Kindergarten - students borrow only one book at a time. 

First Grade- students borrow only one book at a time at first.  Later in the school year, students can have two books, if the student can independently read one of those two books.

Second Grade - students can borrow two books, if the student can independently read one of those two books.

Third Grade - students can borrow up to three books, if the student can independently read one of those three books.

Fourth Grade - students can borrow up to four books, if the student can independently read two of those four books.

Fifth Grade - students can borrow up to five books, if the student can independently read two of those five books.

These are maximum limits and many students may choose to borrow less items than this policy allows. The library encourages each student to learn his or her limits. top

My child can't find the library book he/she borrowed. What should I do?

A parent can  contact Mrs. Heisel, Librarian to explain that the family is searching for the book. The note will also alert the librarian to look inside the school for the lost item.  A student can borrow more books while the parent is looking, even if the item is overdue.  If the item cannot be located, we request that the family reimburse the library for the cost of the book.


A library material was mangled or destroyed. What should I do?

Dogs, rain, and VCRs do this occasionally.  If this happens, the parent or guardian should contact Mrs. Heisel, Librarian.   We request that the family reimburse the library for the cost of the item.


What services does the library provide for parent and siblings of students?

Parents of students may borrow library materials during the school day. Parents may borrow children’s books in addition to our books on parenting.  A Parent Resource Library is located inside the Riverheads Elementary Library. Please contact Mrs. Heisel, Librarian for more information.


My child came home without a library book. Why?

There are several possible reasons:

-perhaps the classroom was busy with a specific project and there was not sufficient time to go to the library.

-if your child comes home and says that he/she was not allowed to borrow a book, perhaps he/she has an item overdue.

Talk to your child first. However, if your child comes home several days without a library book and no explanation, please contact Mrs. Heisel, Librarian .   Occasionally, a young student is permitted to borrow a book, but gets confused and thinks he/she cannot.  I encourage parents to communicate with the library whenever you have any concern.   top

Why should I keep reading to my child while he/she is learning to read?

When children are learning to read, they can read only the simplest books. Your child's understanding of language far exceeds what they are able to read. Reading to your child is important because it improves language skills, builds vocabulary and develops an understanding of the world around them.


How can I help the Riverheads Elementary School Library?

I am glad you asked!  The library is always in need of volunteer help. We can adapt a routine to fit almost any schedule. Volunteers help by working at the circulation desk, preparing materials, checking shelves, and assisting students. Please contact Mrs. Heisel, Librarian for further information. Thanks for your support!



Last Modified on August 27, 2011