SDES Gifted and Talented Program
Schedule of Events
Ongoing Clubs
24 Team (including all high-ability math students): September-March (Math GAT) 
Art Club with Mrs. Yee: yearlong (Art GAT)
Math Club with Mr. Baska: October-May (3rd-5th Math GAT) 
Mad Scientist Club: October-May (Math and Science GAT) 
Writer's Club with Mrs. Lincoln: November-March (Language Arts GAT) 
Stuarts Draft High School Drama Dept: Date TBA (Theater and Music GAT)
 George Hirschman, WHSV meteorologist: October 26 (Math and Science GAT)
Kim and Jimbo Cary, musical workshop: November 12 (Music GAT)
John Rose, cartoonist: March 10 (Art GAT)
Chinese with Mrs. O'Brien: October 13, 20, 27, recital November 10 (Language Arts, theater, music GAT)
Beginner American Sign Language with Mrs. Williams: January and February (3rd-5th Language Arts, Music, Theater)
Intermediate American Sign Language with Mrs. Williams: March and April  (3rd-5th Language Arts, Music, Theater)
Field Trips
Shenandoah Valley Governor's School Outreach: September 15, January 19 (4th-5th Language Arts, Math, Science, Theater, Art GAT)
Fifth Grade Musical: Opening April 22nd at Stuarts Draft High School
Students gifted in music and theater have lead roles.
Students gifted in art assist in set design and creation. 
January-April 22nd