Natural Bridge Zoo                                                                                Russell                            
This is my middle child, Issac.  He is six-years-old, and will be in First grade here at Craigsville.  He is my wide-open explorer of the world.
This is my baby girl, Alexis.  She will be four-years-old in October. She will be in pre-school here at Craigsville this year. She loves to climb and explore.  One of her favorite things to do is jump on the trampoline with her big brothers.
This is my oldest child, Russell.  He is ten and will be in the Fifth grade here at Craigsville.  He has a very shy, quiet personality, but you couldn't ask for a kinder, more sincere person.
This is my husband, Rusty.  We enjoy going camping and fishing whenever we are both off of work together. 

 Building our Home

  We are currently in the process of building our house.  My husband and I are doing all of the work ourselves.  It has been both hard and fun at the same time.
digging holes               russell              
Every year we go to North Myrtle Beach.  This is my favorite place to go!!!
Lexi   Ripley's  pool fun  Midieval Times  race  
A few summers ago I traveled out west with my youth group!!  I had the best time ever!!!
?  Mount Rushmore  paddleboats  Crazy Horse  St. Lois Arch  West Virginia  Wall Drug
   My favorite things to do are read, spend time with my family, and ride horses. I also love anything that has to do with being outdoors, such as camping, hiking, or just listening to nature.
  This is my sixth year teaching.  I have taught fourth grade for three years at Wilson Elementary in Fishersville, Virginia. This will be my third year teaching Kindergarten.  I live locally in Craigsville, and am involved in many community activities. I look forward to all of the new and exciting things that will happen in our classroom this year!!!
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