PAC Meeting Minutes

September 14, 2015
Principal’s Update
  • Tech Night – 97 parents attended and provided positive feedback saying the ‘evening was just what we were hoping for’, ‘good information’, etc.  WMS is exploring hosting another meeting next year. 
  • Construction on the additions to the school will begin in late fall.  Accommodations have been made to reduce distractions and learning disruptions. 
  • Reminder for PE – appropriate attire must be worn and shirts should be plain.  If there are pictures or advertisements, the shirts must be worn inside out.


New Business

Reality Check

  • Date has changed to April 15
  • Contact Mrs. Steege if you are interested in volunteering.


Christmas Luncheon

  • PAC will get favorite Christmas dessert donated for teacher raffle.  Look for the PAC to reach out for volunteer parents to contribute their favorite dessert. Baked goods should be homemade and please share your family tradition about importance of the dessert. 
  • Asking for other donations including wreaths from last year.



  • PAC spent time reviewing budget and allocating funds based on contributions.
  • Decided to send home a newly revised donation request letter to be sent home with report cards.  It will list the names of those who have given with a goal to raise at least another $500.  This will allow the board to carry over $1000 based on current budget.

PAC Meeting Minutes, 
August 24, 2015
Attendees:Mr. Curtis, Jo, Shelby, Lori, Krista, Lisa, Jody, Bev, Jenny, Diane, Tonia, Heather, Susan and Nicole 
Next Meeting: September 14, 5:30pm

Updates Mr. Curtis 
  • 6th Grade Language Arts Scholastic Scope Magazine Request $270 – Approved
  • First Technology Expo Tuesday, September 1 – 100 parents registered.  Childcare provided in the Forum.
  • Progress Report September 10
  • Fun Night September 18
  • Reminder that this year’s newsletter will be online

New Business

 Recommended to include “No Fund-Fundraiser” requests in with progress reports to 
encourage parents to donate the additional funds needed to meet this year’s budget.
 PAC monthly sponsors will handle parent donation ‘thank you notes/emails/texts’ for 
Teacher Appreciation Luncheons 
 Be thinking about ideas for the Teacher Christmas Luncheon
	Suggestion:  From scratch baked items to raffle off.
	Take out 250 donation $5/person for meals
 Teacher Appreciation Week – Suggestions shared at PAC meeting.
Luncheon – Teacher Appreciation
	Prepare food for 80
	10:00 set up – 1:00pm; Themes for luncheons will be determined.
 	PAC provides paper goods
 	Dates below and PAC volunteers established for each lunch.  Call parents for food donations. 
 	Thank you notes need to be sent to parents handled by PAC hosts.
	 No school or two hours late – plan the luncheon for the following day
PAC Meeting Dates 5:30pm
September 14              
October 12               
November 9              
December 7 (12/14-12/18 Holiday Treat Week)              
 January 11              
February 8            
March 7           
April 4 (April 8 Reality Check)            
April 25 (Teacher Workday)            
May 16 
Luncheon Dates             
September 17, Tonia and Jo
October 15-Diane & Krista            
November 20-Shelby & Jenny              
December 17 (Treat Week)PAC              
January 21-Jody & Lori             
February 18-Susan & Jo             
 March 17-Nicole & Lisa             
 April 14-Heather & Jody             
June 9 NEW – money or food 
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