Parents and students,
     The following is an ongoing list of the entries for the present 6-week grading period. Each of these entries should be kept in the math section of the binder at all times. If you are missing an entry, you should redo it if it cannot be found. Parents-- all quizzes and tests are entries so these are kept here as well.  Checking a student's agenda as well as checking this list against the binder itself are both great ways to st(ay on top of things.
9/18/14  Copy or print Lesson 3-3 notes into E-1-24
               E-1-26  p. 826 Lesson 3-3 #1-7
9/17/14  Short class today due to field trip.
               We practiced basic equations and filled out our Pre-test scantron
9/16/14  E-1-24  Chapter 3 notes - Copy or print Lesson 3-2 notes
               E-1-25  p. 825 Lesson 8-2 #1-6, 11,15
9/15/14  E-1-23  3-1 Skills Practice sheet (This can be printed or copied from the worksheets tab of my website.)
 9/12/14  Mrs. Campbell was out today.
               E-1-22  Chapter 2 test.
               Read Lesson 3-1
9/11/14  Mrs. Campbell was out today
               The period was spent doing several practices for tomorrow's test
                E-1-21  pp. 110-112 #9-47 odds, p. 114 #61-65 odds
                Chapter 2 test tomorrow
9/10/14  Copy or print Lesson 2-7 into E-1-13
               E-1-20  p. 107 #21-47 odds, p. 108 #52-57
               Progress reports were handed out today and if they are returned the next day you will receive 5 bonus points
               Chapter 2 test Friday
9/9/14  Copy or print Lesson 2-4 into E-1-13
            E-1-19  p. 824 Lesson 2-4
            Chapter 2 test coming
9/8/14  Copy or print Lesson 2-3 into E-1-13
            E-1-18  p. 81 #19-27, 34-39
            Chapter 2 test coming
9/5/14  Copy or print Lesson 2-2 notes into E-1-13
            E-1-17  p. 76 #4-15, 29,31,32,34
9/4/14  E-1-15  Quiz - Simplifying and Properties
            Read pp. 68-top 70
            E-1-16 p. 71 #19-27odds, 33, 45-53 odds
9/3/14  Copy or print Lesson 2-1 notes into Entry 1-13
             E-1-14  p. 34 #8,9,11-13,  p. 35 #36-40, p. 36 Practice Quiz 2
              Quiz tomorrow - Simplifying and Properties
9/2/14  Copy or print Lesson 1-6 notes into Entry 1-10
            E-1-12  p. 42 #54,55,57-59, 61-66
8/29/14  E-1-10  Notes Lesson 1-5 (can be copied or printed from notes tab of website)
               E-1-11  p. 30 #19-26,  p. 31 #42-50, #58-63 
8/28/14  E-1-9  Quiz Lessons 1-1 thru 1-3
              E-1-7  Finish back of Study Guide 1-4/Practice Skills worksheet
8/27/14  E-1-7  Study Guide 1-4 /Practice Skills worksheet ( this can be copied or printed from my worksheets tab
              of my website)  complete the front of this worksheet.  We highlighted the notes on the top front of this worksheet.
               E-1-8  p. 20 Practice Quiz 1 #1-10
               Quiz tomorrow Lessons 1-1 thru 1-3
8/26/14  Copy or print Lesson 1-3 notes into E-1-3
               E-1-6  p. 19 #17,19,37,41
8/25/14 Copy or print Lesson 1-2 notes into E-1-3
              E-1-5  p. 14 #15-20, 24-26, 32-36
8/22/14  We finished the Lesson 1-1 notes which are E-1-3
               E-1-4  Lesson 1-1 Practice worksheet (this can be printed or copied from the worksheets tab of my website)
8/21/14  We did our 1st true brainwarmer, learning the procedures and expectations.
               Copy or print notes for Lesson 1-1 (see website) into E-1-3
8/20/14  Algebra Pretest (Kayley, you will not be required to make this up.)
8/19/14  Finish up details (shorter class due to Administrative Assembly)
            E-1-1  Pacing guide
            E-1-2  Algebra SOLS
8/18/14  First day of school details