Parents and students,
     The following is an ongoing list of the entries for the present 9-week grading period. Each of these entries should be kept in the math section of the binder at all times. If you are missing an entry, you should redo it if it cannot be found. Parents-- all quizzes and tests are entries so these are kept here as well.  Checking a student's agenda as well as checking this list against the binder itself are both great ways to stay on top of things.
8/26/16 Brainwarmer p. 821 Lesson 1-6 #22-27, #17-21, #13-16
              E-1-13  Quiz - Properties and Simplifying
                  After quiz read p. 68 - top p. 70 
              E-1-14  p. 71 #19-27odds, #33, #45-53 odds 
8/25/16  Brainwarmer p. 57 #1-10  p. 60 #60-65, 56-59
               Copy or print Lesson 2-1 notes into E-1-11
               E-1-12  p. 34 #8,9,11-13  p. 35 #36-40  p. 36 Practice Quiz 2
               Quiz tomorrow - Simplifying and Properties 
8/24/16  Brainwarmer p. 821 Lesson 1-4 #1-10,  p. 821 Lesson 1-5 #16-24
               Copy or print Lesson 1-6 notes into E-1-8 notes
               E-1-10 p. 42 #54,55,57-59,61-66
               Study properties (flashcards)
               Quiz likely Friday on properties and simplifying 
8/23/16   Brainwarmer p. 59 #48-53
               Copy or print Lesson 1-5 notes into E-1-8
               E-1-9  p. 30 #19-26, p. 31 #42-50, #58-63 
8/22/16  Brainwarmer p. 58 #11-35 and p. 59 #45-47
               E-1-7  Quiz Lessons 1-1 thru 1-3
               Complete back of E-1-5  Lesson 1-4 Study Guide and Intervention and Skills Practice (back) 
8/19/16  E-1-5 Lesson 1-4 Study Guide and Intervention (front) and Skills Practice (back) (These can be printed or copied from the
               worksheets tab of this website  We highlighted the notes at the top of the front of this worksheet.  You were assigned to complete
               the front of the worksheet only.
               E-1-6  p. 20 Practice Quiz 1 #1-10
               Quiz Monday Lessons 1-1 thru 1-3 
8/18/16  Copy or print notes for Lesson 1-3 into E-1-2
               E-1-4 p. 19 #17,19,37,41 (check all odds in back of book, show proper work) 
8/17/16  Copy or print notes for Lesson 1-2 into E-1-2
               E-1-3  p. 14 #15-20, #24-26, #32-36  (Check odds in back of book) 
8/16/16  E-1-1 finish worksheet
               E-1-2  Lesson 1-1 notes (These can be printed or copied from the notes tab of this website) 
8/15/16 We learned homework and brainwarmer procedures.
              We learned some basics of using the graphing calculator.  Ask a friend to show you OR come see me during homeroom.
               E-1-1  Practice 1-1 worksheet #9-17 
8/12/16  Continued/finished Student Growth Assessment - pretest
8/11/16  Today we took the Student Growth Assessment pretest
8/10/16 Get WHAP signed
              Get graphing calculator contract signed
8/9/16  Return math letter signed
             Keep textbook at home