Parents and students,
     The following is an ongoing list of the entries for the present 6-week grading period. Each of these entries should be kept in the math section of the binder at all times. If you are missing an entry, you should redo it if it cannot be found. Parents-- all quizzes and tests are entries so these are kept here as well.  Checking a student's agenda as well as checking this list against the binder itself are both great ways to stay on top of things.
8/28/15  Brainwarmer - p. 58 #24-35  Check all problems on the calculator. Check all odds in back of book. 
               Copy or print Lesson 1-3 notes into E-1-3
                E-1-6  p. 19 #17,19,37,41 (Show work just like the examples in your notes, being sure to finalize your answer.  Since these
                                                            are odd problems, be sure to check each one in the back of the book.)
                Quiz coming Tuesday - Lessons 1-1 thru 1-3 
8/27/15  Brainwarmer was from the screen
               Copy or print remainder of Lesson 1-2 into E-1-3
               E-1-5  p. 14 #15-20, 24-26,32,36 (Be sure to check each problem by typing it into the Run mode of the graphing
                        calculator.  Write the answer you get to the right of the problem.  It should match the answer you have
                         at the bottom of your work.) 
8/26/15  Brainwarmer p. 5 #20 backwards (just a repeat to practice procedures)
               Copy or print Lesson 1-1 notes into E-1-3
                E-1-4  Practice 1-1 worksheet (this can be printed or copied from the worksheets tab of this website)
               Copy or print p. 1 of Lesson 1-2 notes into E-1-3 
8/25/15  Brainwarmer 1- Log on to computer and go to google classroom and add yourself to my class
                                    2 - p. 5 #1-20
               Calculator details 
8/24/15  PreTest on computer
               During 6th period, the computers were not cooperating so we began Brainwarmer details.
8/21/15  PreTest on computer 
8/20/15  Get "WHAP" signed
               Graphing calculator was assigned (as long as signed contract was returned) 
8/19/15  First Day of school details
              Get math letter signed
              Take textbook home and leave it there. (There is a book at school for you to use.)