Parents and students,
        The following is an ongoing list of the entries for the present 6-week grading period. Each of these entries should be kept in the math section of the binder at all times. If you are missing an entry, you should redo it if it cannot be found. Parents-- all quizzes and tests are entries so these are kept here as well.  Checking a student's agenda as well as checking this list against the binder itself are both great ways to stay on top of things.
8/28/14  We practiced types of numbers.
               We added order of operations problems to E-1-4.
               We practiced order of operations.
               E-1-7  p. 130 #18-23, p. 128#4-7
               Quiz tomorrow - Types of numbers
8/27/14  We practiced types of numbers.
               We continued notes on Lesson 1-2 as E-1-4
                E-1-6 p. 622 Lesson 3-3 #1-9
                  Quiz Friday - Types of Numbers
8/26/14  We practiced types of numbers
               We took new notes on Lesson 1-2 as E-1-4
               Homework:  E-1-5 p. 128 #17-28
8/25/14  We continued our E-1-3 notes on Types of Numbers.
               We did a brainwarmer and other practice of types of numbers
               Study E-1-3
8/22/14  We continued our E-1-3 notes
               Study E-1-3
8/21/14  We did our first true brainwarmer learning the expectations and procedures
               E-1-3  Types of Numbers Notes
8/20/14  Foundations Pretest
8/19/14  Finish details (shorter class due to Administrative Assembly)
               E-1-1 Pacing guide
               E-1-2  8th grade SOLs
8/13/14  First day details