What Should I Read Next? 

Here's a great site to help you pick your next book.  Also see the links to the left. 

50 Book Challenge

 Books Pushover
Join Dr. Garber, Mrs. Perry, and the teachers at school to read a book or chapter each day this summer.  

Reading makes you shine!

  1. Get books!

  2. Read books!

  3. Challenge yourself to read a book a day over the summer (or a chapter a day if you are reading a chapter book).

  4. Record titles.  (This will also help you remember the titles so you can take AR quizzes when you get back to school.)

  5. Return record sheets to your teacher or to Mrs. Perry when you come to school in August.

  6. We will tally the number of books we read and celebrate our success.

  7. Receive a prize if you meet the challenge!

Augusta County Library Summer Reading Games

Registration Opens on June 15 

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