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We are happy to be participating in Reading Makes Cent$, a statewide reading program for children in kindergarten through fifth grade focusing on personal finance concepts. Our school earned three free books for our library, which I’m very excited to share with my students. Plus, if our school has the highest student participation rate within our region at the program’s close, we will earn an additional $500 worth of books. This generous prize would be fantastic to share with our students, and with your child’s participation, I know we can do it!

There are two pieces to this program:  grade-focused library lessons, and personal reading logs for the student. Students should supplement the library lessons by reading or having read to them five books. Every child who submits a completed Reading Makes Cent$ challenge log will be entered into a drawing for one of fourteen Virginia529 inVEST college savings accounts. These accounts come with an initial balance of $529, which would grow year over year and further prepare your child for college success.

There is a display of books from the reading list available for checkout in the school library. Also, don’t forget to check at Augusta County Library. All entries must be submitted by Thursday, March 30, to the Librarian. All students who return their reading log will receive an activity booklet.

"BEE" Responsible with Library Books
BEE Responsible  
  • Keep books in a safe place like a backpack or on a special shelf.
  • Clean hands = clean books.                                                            
  • Please keep food and drinks away.
  • Always use a bookmark to keep your place.
  • Return books.  

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Updated January 30, 2017
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