Back to School 2016-2017                             

The library program has some exciting opportunities coming up for your child this year:

  • I will be promoting the very best of children’s literature to your child with activities designed to help students enjoy the stories even more.

  • I will be doing my very best to get (or keep) your children “hooked on reading” by recommending specific reading materials to each individual.

  • We will add 100 or more new titles this year of the latest and most exciting new books for young readers, including quality non-fiction to support the Standards of Learning..

  • At each grade level, students will be learning research and computer skills specifically suited to their developmental level.

  • I will be working with classroom teachers to help them find materials especially suited to the individual interests and abilities of your child.

  • Library lessons will stress good Digital Citizenship, helping your child make safe and ethical decisions when using the Internet.

  • The Cassell  Literacy Committee, in collaboration with the library, has a lot of special events being planned, including a family night, book fairs in October and April, and reading incentives and contests.

  • If you would like to volunteer to help in the library, please let me know. I’d love to have you.

"BEE" Responsible with Library Books
BEE Responsible  
  • Keep books in a safe place like a backpack or on a special shelf.
  • Clean hands = clean books.                                                            
  • Please keep food and drinks away.
  • Always use a bookmark to keep your place.
  • Return books. 

Created by Tammy Perry, School Librarian
Updated July 26, 2016
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