Mustang News from Room 12

  Our first grade is getting off to a great start! We are learning how to read and how to add and subtract.  In Social Studies, our unit is on the patriotic symbols. We have learned what a citizen is and how to be patriotic.  The Statue of Liberty is their favorite patriotic symbol. J

Our famous leader this 6 weeks was George Washington. Did you know that he had to put cotton inside his cheeks for his famous picture? Your child knows! 


SOL's this 6 weeks:

Reading- 1.1  1.2  1.3  1.4  1.8 1.9    phonemes;  rhyming; beginning and ending sounds; digraphs;  expand vocabulary; read a variety of fiction 
 Writing  1.12   legible printing; spacing ; Phonemic writing
Social Studies  1.1  1.11   patriotic symbols; past and present ; famous leaders ( Benjamin Franklin and Christopher Columbus)
Science  1.4    life processes;  organisms
Math  1.1   1.2   1.5  1.6  1.14  1.18   Writing numbers to 100;  Adding; Subtracting;  2's to 100; graphing


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