Mustang News from Room 12

Image result for first grade clip artSOL's this 6 weeks:

Social Studies:   1.12  The student will learn about their state of Virginia,  1.4  construct a map of Virginia and identify Washington D.C, and Richmond, our capital   We will be making a book about Virginia.
Science:  S.O.l 1.3  Matter
Math:    Counting by 2's to 100, and adding 3 numbers to 20,  1.1  1.2 1.5, Patterns, Place Value, Understand equality, Geometry. Algebra
Language Arts Use beginning and ending consonants to decode and spell, use short vowel sounds to decode and spell, use word patterns to decode unfamiliar words   1.6, 
Read and demonstrate comprehension through nonfiction texts,     ( infer, clarify, question, summarize, predict)   Sing the songs with the props for each.  SOL 1.10
Writing  1.13 write to communicate ideas, use correct spelling for sight words 
 Please check their planners each night and feel free to contact me anytime!
                                         Thanks for coming to Parent Conferences!