Gifted and Talented

                                                                       2015 -2016
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                              Gifted News:


    This year, all second graders will take the Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test screening assessment. Students with advanced scores will be considered for a gifted referral.

   The search for and identification of gifted students is an on-going process. All candidates are created through a referral process. Referrals can be made by school personnel, parents, peers, or self -referral.

  Our teachers provide advanced learners ongoing opportunities to investigate, research, and work independently through advanced study. Areas of giftedness identified in Augusta County are: mathematics, science, English, art, music, and theater.


Basic Philosophy
Augusta County Schools is committed to acceleration of the curriculum and enrichment activities within the school day and after school hours with programs that support continuous progressDefinition of Gifted/Talented
Gifted students come from all socio-economic levels and all ethnic groups.  Their abilities are very diverse.  Generally, they display abilities and potential for outstanding accomplishments and need differentiated educational programs to nurture and develop these abilities and potential.
and developmentally appropriate learning.

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