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Welcome to the Library ~ 2016-2017

I have had the privilege of being the library media specialist at Churchville Elementary School for eighteen years and I have taught for over 37 years!  My teaching experience has included time in preschool, kindergarten and in the library. I have three grown children. My eldest daughter, Cosby, is a JMU grad and works and lives in Charlotte, NC with her husband. My son, Holt, graduated from VCU and now lives in Richmond with his wife. My “baby,” Elisabeth , a JMU graduate, loves to travel, and has recently become a registered nurse and works in Winchester, VA. She will be getting married this fall! My husband, Mike,  retired from  Buffalo Gap High School  a year ago and is spending his time working around the farm and spending time with Baci.

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 This is a new  Churchville library feature that we are experimenting with and are currently  working out  kinks,  procedures, and the big question how to purchase a select number of books.    You will not be able to  "check out" books here.  
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All students visit the library at least once during our six day rotation.  During library class we have library instruction, fun activities and always adequate time to select perfect books.   Please feel free to stop in for a visit.
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                                                                                     The more you read,
                                                                                                                                the more you know.
animated bookreaderThe more you know,
the smarter you grow.
animated bookreader
The smarter you grow,
the stronger your voice,
animated bookreaderWhen speaking your mind
or making your choice. 
(Author unknown)







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