Churchville Elementary School


 “Choose Well, Live Well”

choose saladStudent & Staff Wellness Initiative



Establishment of School-based Wellness Committee, consisting of interested teachers, clinic aide, school nurse, cafeteria manager, parents, and administrator

Focus on 3 aspects of wellness:  Nutrition, Physical/Emotional Health, & Healthy Lifestyle Choices 

  • Ongoing program components for students, staff, and parents:
    • Creation of “Choose Well, Live Well” page on School Website- an area for parent/community outreach with healthy tips, recipes, current articles, links to wellness sites, and information on school wellness events and activities
    • Morning announcements will include “Choose Well, Live Well’ Tip for the Day
    • Wellness committee will work with Food Services to ensure healthy meal choices for students
    • Newsletter will include a “Choose Well, Live Well” section
    • Students will participate in a pre-survey of wellness awareness at beginning of school year, & a post-survey at the end of year
    • Students may participate in taste-test events from cafeteria manager (whole wheat pizza, unusual fruits/vegetables, etc.)
    • Sodas will be prohibited for student incentives, bottled water will be encouraged.  Bottled water machine will be located in cafeteria. 
    • A healthy choice will be available at all after-school events- (chef salad, fruit salad, etc.)
    • Staff will be presented with “wellness freebies” (pedometers, logo water bottles, and healthy choice nutrition guides) to begin the year
    • Pedometer/wellness challenges will be offered for students/staff/parents
    • 30 minute active daily recess will be incorporated into school day
    • Administrative expectation for active learning component of lesson plans
    • Wellness-based staff development activities (Brain Gym, Active Engagement, etc.)
    • Fitness cluster equipment will be utilized in PE classes/recess
    • Monthly organized wellness activity will be offered for staff from 3:30-4:40pm (Gold’s gym, AMC, etc.)
    • Cholesterol/blood pressure screenings/flu shots will be available for staff
    • “Choose Well, Live Well” Family Nights will include informational give-aways, health/wellness activities, and active games
    • Monthly wellness calendar for staff to chart healthy choices
    • Student assemblies with “healthy lifestyle choice’ messages
    • Signage throughout building that reinforces the “Choose Well, Live Well” initiative
Last Modified on July 18, 2008