Stuarts Draft Elementary School

Goals for 2015-2016

GOAL 1:  Establish a safe, nurturing, and positive environment that is designed to promote desirable behavior, physical well being and academic progress. 


  •   Sustain the implementation of the Effective School-Wide Discipline (ESD) plan by providing consistent positive reinforcements and maintaining school wide standards for the use of Think Time in order to build respectful, responsible scholars and a safe school climate.
  •   Continue to address the most challenging behaviors through collaboration with guidance and pupil services.  
  •   Enhance the instructional environment by embedding regular movement into the instructional day and by providing daily physical activity at recess time.
  •   Continue to make intentional efforts to create positive relationships with students and families.
  •   Build a positive communication network where teachers regularly communicate desirable behavior, physical well being, and academic progress to families.  Examples include updated web pages and regular newsletters, notes, phone calls, etc . 
  •   Increase family involvement at SDE by encouraging parents to volunteer, working with the PTA, and offering parental involvement events such as: Open House, Career Fair, Fall Festival, School Play, Family Math Night and Family Fitness Night.
  •         Increase community involvement and environmental awareness at SDE by establishing a Cougars Go Green Club in partnership with the Waynesboro Kiwanis and Augusta County Recycling Center. 


GOAL 2:  Develop and deliver differentiated instruction that engages students in school and learning in order to ensure academic progress.


  •   Meet all state accreditation ratings and federal accountability standards.
  •         Through a school-wide study of Never Work Harder than Your Students by Robyn Jackson, we will focus on shifting mindset to that of a master teacher through seven guiding principles.  
  •   We will maintain strategies learned from our previous book study Learning in the Fast Lane by Suzy Pepper Rollins, highlighting best practices including instructional acceleration, explicit learning goals, vocabulary instruction, student motivation, and timely feedback.
  •         Continue to focus on using student performance data to make decisions about differentiating instruction and to monitor students’ academic growth.
  •         Focus on effective grouping strategies ensuring opportunities for whole group, small group, and independent work.  Small groups will be flexible groups that include skill based groups, interest based groups, heterogeneous groups, etc.  
  •   Utilize collaborative grade level teams and vertical Curriculum and Instruction Teams to pace, plan, and implement effective differentiated instruction.
  •   Through vertical teams and grade level teams, create common assessments for all four core areas, including benchmarks for Reading. 
  •   Enhance reading instruction through the implementation of strategies from the Daily 5 and The Café program.
  •   Focus Math instruction through the implementation of the 5 Easy Steps to a Balanced Math Program along with small group instruction and math stations.