Verona Elementary School

Every child. One voice.
PTA Welcomes You to VES...
      Welcome parents, families, and caregivers to Verona Elementary 
School!  We, the Verona Elementary PTA, look forward to meeting each 
of you as we support our school this upcoming school year.  We get 
the opportunity to do things as a group that makes a difference to the 
teachers, staff, and students of this school.  We would like to encourage 
each family group to consider becoming a part of the PTA in some way. 
        Why should you get involved?  First of all, being a part of the PTA 
connects you to your child’s school. It’s a great way to know what is 
happening and changing in the school.  Plus, it shows your child that you 
care about what happens within the school walls. Secondly, it provides you 
the opportunity to make a difference in the students and teachers daily 
lives by using your individual talents.  And lastly, it gives you the chance to 
meet some really great people who want to make a difference for Verona 
        What do we do?  With parent volunteers and the profits from 
fundraisers, the Shop, Save and Earn program, Restaurant Nights, and 
various other sources, the PTA is able to provide many things including: 
An artist in-residence for an additional full semester – since the county 
only provides an art teacher for 1⁄2 of a school year, teacher stipends (for 
classroom use), Movie Nights, the Winter Carnival, technology funding, 
Muffins for Moms/Doughnuts for Dads, a Wearable Art program, Teacher 
Appreciation breakfast, murals, playground equipment, and the Butterfly 
Garden as well as other projects that vary as need arises. 
      What would you need to do?  We will be on hand to answer questions 
as to where we need help. Rest assured we have many members 
whose volunteer time varies greatly.  Some can only step in here or 
there...some can only make it to meetings...some can make it to only one 
meeting...some can be at everything! Each member is just as valuable to 
us!  We need YOU! Feel free to contact me via email or phone to talk more 
about the opportunities available through the PTA!
     This year, each classroom will have a volunteer (or more than one) that 
will attend PTA meetings monthly and forward PTA information to other 
parents in the classroom. This way, every parent will be up to date with 
PTA activities and opportunities! The classroom rep will be requested to 
attend PTA meetings once a month and distribute the minutes to parents 
in their child’s classroom. The minutes will be sent to the classroom 
representatives by the PTA.  There will be sign-ups coming home the first 
week of school with your child. We would love to have you as part of our 
      Thanks for all you do! 
      Katie Eastep
     2014-2015 PTA President