The Individual Student Alternative Education Plan (ISAEP) program is designed for students ages 16 to 18 enrolled in high school programs who are having difficulty finding success in a regular classroom environment.

Included in Enrollment (but not limited to):
  • Career guidance counseling
  • Mandatory enrollment in a GED preparation program
  • Career and technical education
  • The opportunity to re-enroll in a regular classroom environment at any time 

Enrollment Requirements:
  • Initial parent meeting
  • Student evaluation/assessment
  • 7.5 grade equivalent or higher on a recognized standardized measure of reading achievement
  • Achieve a passing score (125) on each of the four subtests of the GED Ready Official Practice Tests

ISAEP Completion Requirements
  • Successful completion of the career and technical component/certification
  • Complete an Economics and Personal Finance course
  • Pass the GED test by achieving a passing score (145) on all four subject area tests