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     2nd Block 
"It is important for us to remember that the arts provide a valuable service to students, for it presents them with a medium to express themselves in ways that otherwise might not be possible. In addition, studies have shown that participation in the fine arts is helpful in the overall educational development of students and is beneficial to one's mental well-being."
- Senator George Allen
Teacher:  Mrs. Erin Whetzel
Phone:  540-886-4286 (Wilson Memorial HS)
    DC 1      
               Mrs. Whetzel's 2014-15 Schedule:
First Semester:                         
     1st Block  --  Art I                             
     2nd Block --  Art 3                           
     3rd Block --  Planning/Office            
     4th Block -- Adv. Art 4/5 & A.P. Studio Art

Second Semester: 
     1st Block --  Art 2 
     2nd Block -- Ceramics 1 & 2
     3rd Block -- Planning
     4th Block -- Adv. Art & A.P. Studio Art
Clubs and Sponsorships (@ WMHS):
     Gifted and Talented Coordinator
     Art Club Sponsor
     NAHS Sponsor
     Social Committee Representative
      Bryce   Impressionism  
Hunter     Marty
"A Greek philosopher once said, 'The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.’  I believe instruction in the visual arts enriches our youngsters by opening their minds, broadening their horizons, and providing inspiration when, at times, words simply fail to adequately convey meaning.”
-Governor Tim Kaine