Edward G. Clymore Elementary School
184 Fort Defiance Road
Fort Defiance, VA 24437
Phone: (540) 245-5043
Fax: (540) 245-5095
Jane Wright, Principal
Miranda Ball, Assistant Principal


  • Our office staff is here on a limited basis throughout the summer.  Mrs. Wright and Mrs. Ball work 8:00-4:30; however, meetings and other commitments often require us to be away from the office or unable to answer the phone.   We suggest calling or emailing ahead if you would like to visit or have business to complete.  This will allow us to ensure that we are available to assist you when you arrive.  Thank you!
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  • Attend Camp-Read-A-Lot wherever you are and accept the challenge of "Reading 50" this summer.  You may interpret that challenge based on  your individual reading level.  You may choose to read 50 picture books, 50 books, 50 chapters, 50 hours or 50 minutes a day over the summer.  Your time logged, of course, can count for the Augusta County Library's Summer Reading program, too.  Reading time logged online with the library will be shared with Clymore. Choose the method that is easiest for you.
    Have you ever heard of the "Summer Slide"?  The "Summer Slide" happens to students who choose not the read over the summer.  Individual reading levels can drop drastically, sometimes as much as two levels.  So, choose to read and go down a water slide instead of not reading and take a plunge down the "Summer Reading Slide"!  When you return in August our hope is to hear that you have continued to grow as a reader!!  Most of all we hope you will find adventures in the books you choose to camp out in over the summer!!
    Happy Reading! 
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  • Join us at Clymore:
    • July 7 for Movie Night in our cafeteria featuring "The Lego Movie" - If you've read at least 25 books, chapters, or sessions join us for popcorn, the movie and a book pick beginning at 6:30.  
    • July 22 for our Camp Read-A-Lot Book Swap - Feel free to drop by anytime from 10:00-12:00.  Swap one of your gently used books for one of ours.  Take time to talk to us or others about the books you have read so far this summer. 
    Connect with us:
    • via the internet at http://kidblog.org/ReviewCrew.  All you have to do is email us your name and we'll add you to the user list, if you aren't already included.  Find your name on the user list and use the password read to log on to the site.  Read our posts this summer about books we are reading, share your own posts with us and other students.  We hope by reading our posts and the posts of others, your reading adventure will expand beyond your dreams!
    • via email.  Feel free to email Mrs. Wright (jwright@augusta.k12.va.us) and Mrs. Ball (mball@augusta.k12.va.us) to tell us about any GREAT books you have read this summer. We will post your comments on our school's blog to advertise some GREAT reads for others. 
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