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    Mr. Boyle's Civics and Economics

    Room 6
       Civics and Economics is a core class for 8th grade that is given to students to learn, analyze, and practice the intellectual and practical skills necessary to become an informed, productive United States citizen. For some of you this may be the first social studies class that will directly connect you to the real, modern world. The main goals of the year will be for students to be able to:

          1) Examine the roles citizens play in the political and economic systems of the United States

          2) Examine the constitutions of Virginia and the United States

          3) Identify rights, duties, and responsibilities of United States citizens

          4) Describe the structure and operation of local, state, and national levels of government.

       In addition, students will investigate the decision making process involved in the American market economy as well as the role of the government and the consumer within the economic system.  Students will experience civic life in the school environment which will help them to become more aware of the importance of personal character traits required to participate effectively in the diverse society of the United States today.


    To view or download the civics and economics syllabus for this year click  HERE  (Updated 8/12/20)
    Click the word "Syllabus" on the Syllbus Page to download a copy.
     Lincoln Memorial
    Pacing follows the SOL Standards provided by the Virginia Department of Education. To download a Word Document of the Standards and Framework, click HERE .
    We will not be using Google Classroom this year, we will be using Canvas. To access Canvas, login and click on your period for updates, lessons, assignments, and reminders.
     Contact Information: 
    School Phone: 540-245-5046
    Google Voice Phone: 540-251-1645
    Websites for Civics and Economics (in alphabetical order):
    Use these links to help you complete assignments, review, find information you need for class, and explore civics and economics further:
    270 To Win--  A website with historical data on Electoral College outcomes (and many other election results).
    Actively Learn--  A website for assigned readings and questions.
    Canvas-- A link to our online classroom in Canvas.
    CNN10: Student News--  A link for a condensed, daily current event segment.
    Debt Clock--  A link to a live update of the U.S. and World Debts.
    EverFi-- A link to an online program we will use to teach person finance in our Economics portion of the class.
    iCivics--  A website with different review games and activities for Civics.
    iSideWith--  A website that matches you to political parties and candidates for upcoming and previous elections based on your answers to a series of questions.
    Oyez-- A website with case briefs from throughout U.S. Supreme Court history.
    Population Clock--  A link to a live update of the U.S. population and other population resources from the Census Bureau.
    Quia--  A website where each unit test will be given (login name and password given in class).
    SOL Pass--  A website with review activities to help you review (the password is SMS).
    Supreme Court Case Briefs--  A website with access to the majority of Supreme Court case briefs for free.
    U.S. Naturalization Practice Test--  A practice test of actual questions for naturalization to the United States.