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     6th grade Masterminds Language Arts  
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    Please ask your child to see their LA google classroom page, which is where I will place day-to-day schedules, assignments, homework, etc.
    If you are looking for a new book, try these websites for a recommendation!
     Language Arts Information and Policies
    *Please feel free to contact me (Krista Ham) if you have any questions about the below information, or anything else you would like to discuss with me. kham@augusta.k12.va.us

    In Language Arts, we will have two main focuses: To create life-long skillful readers and to create articulate writers. All year, we will work on developing and fine-tuning skills that will cultivate the reader and writer within each student. I look forward to a rewarding and successful year with each of you!

    Course Overview:

    Unit 1: Story Elements, Basic Comprehension Skills, Creative Writing. Genre Focus: Short Stories

    Unit 2: Point of View, Predictions, Inferences, Conclusions, Fact and Opinion, Summarizing, Writing Personal Narratives. Genre Focus: Realistic Fiction

    Unit 3: Main Idea, Supporting Details, Cause and Effect Relationships, Summarizing vs. Paraphrasing, Comparison and Contrast, Making Connections, Comparative Essays. Genre Focus: Realistic Fiction and Fantasy

    Unit 4: Literary and Poetic Devices, Figurative Language, Poetry Projects. Genre Focus: Poetry

    Unit 5: Affixes and Word Roots, Internal and External Text Structures, Author’s Purpose and Tone, Persuasive Writing Projects. Genre Focus: Non-fiction Articles

    Unit 6: SOL Review, then Grammar Review, Research Projects, Sensory Writing, Persuasive Speeches, Projects

    Grade Weights

    Tests and Quizzes – 30%, Classwork – 30%, Projects – 30%, Homework – 10%


    What should be in the language arts section of my binder?

    The short answer is: not very much. We will do most things in google classroom, in class.

    What exactly is my SSR book?

    SSR stands for silent sustained reading. In other words, a book you read silently for an extended period of time each day. It is really important that this is a book of your own choosing….you should want to read your SSR book! There will be time to go to the school library/media center. You can also bring a book from home. Kindles (and comparable devices) are acceptable. However, if you bring them to school, keep them safe. You always have my permission to bring a Kindle to my class, but check with your other teachers about their policies. If they say no, leave them in your locker. You will be expected to read your SSR book at home. There will also be SSR times during first period reading/math prep and during homeroom. We rarely will have time for SSR in Language Arts class, but you must still bring your SSR book every day to my class anyway! Our activities will often involve applying an LA skill to your SSR book, so you’ve got to have a book!

    Links we will use in class:


    Practice items for grades 3-8.   

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