• E-Learning at Home 

    kid What Can You Do To Keep Learning at Home

      There are many resources online and many sites have waved fees for a period of time.  Stick to review activities for skills you have already learned.  Read, read, and read some more.  Listen to books online and look for some nonfiction articles as well.  I will work on creating a list of sites you can use.  

      All of the 5th grade teachers have been putting updates in Google Classroom.  In order to log in to Google Classroom, parents will need to make sure they are not logged into their own Google account first.  Next have students log into Google using the log in username and password they use at school every day.  They will use their student number (#######@augusta.k12.va.us) and then their student number minus the rest of the email address as their password (######).  IF students do not see the Google Classroom app....it can be downloaded separately.  

    Any site that we use at school would be a great site to use as review from home.  I will continue to suggest IXL's for the you to work on, but keep in mind that any skill that we worked on this school year can easily be practiced again.  You can go back and grab skills from grades 3-5.  In Reading classroom remember that any links I've used and posted this year you can go back and grab.  I will continue to use Readworks, IXL, and Freckle to keep you practing comprehension and vocabulary.  You can write and journal and share any of those with me via email.  

    Most importantly.... do something constructive and educational with your brain every day.  Read, journal, make up math problems and go back and solve them.  Use your hands, things from around the house, and your imagination and create things.  Write and perform plays and skits, write stories, poems, or songs.  This is a great time to start kepping a journal.

    Below are the most current IXL's you can work on for the next couple of weeks.  You can also go back and redo any of the skills you've previously practiced in any grade 3-5.  I will update here and Google Classroom soon.  

    4th Grade-

    FF.2, FF.3, FF.4

    X.4, X.5, X.6

    5th Grade

    F.1, F.2, F.3, F.4

    W.1, W.2, W.3, W.4, W.5

    EE.1, EE.2, EE.3, EE.4