•   Welcome to Kindergarten

    This is the beginning of an important phase in your child’s development.  I want to do everything possible to make it a positive experience.  Throughout the school year there will be many opportunities to attend school activities and celebrations. Your support of school activities makes your child feel important and sends the message that you value school.  I would also love to have you observe or help out in the classroom.  If you have any questions or concerns or if you would like to visit or volunteer to help out, please contact me.


         I will be communicating with you throughout the year through weekly newsletters.  I believe that a good parent-teacher relationship is necessary for school success.  I encourage you to keep in touch with me as much as you need or desire.  I truly enjoy having parents involved in the classroom.  You are always welcome to be a part of our day.
    I am looking forward to spending each day helping your child grow and develop.  I know we will have a wonderful year!!
    Teresa McKinley Brooks