• Mrs Shiflet's Daily Schedule

    Daily Schedule-After the 1st 9 Weeks

    7:50-8:10  Children arrive to school (go to the cafeteria)

    8:10-8:20  Settling in

             (Attendance, lunch count, unpack, take care of

              notes and money, announcements)

    8:20-8:45  Calendar and Math Review/Read Aloud

    8:45-9:15  Power Up

    9:15–9:45 Math and Center Time

            (Writing, housekeeping, blocks, reading corner,

             puzzles, dramatic play, art, science table,

             listening, computer, math manipulatives)

    9:50–11:20 Reading Groups

    • Reading groups are a compilation of mini lessons and break out daily 5 stations.
    • Each mini lesson and Daily 5 station are approximately 10 minutes each.
    • Mini lessons will be a whole group focus on the language arts SOLs
    • Daily 5 stations: Read to self, work on writing, word work and teacher time
    • Daily 5 stations will primarily focus on the students learning their letter names, sounds, breaking words apart and putting them together, concept of word, and comprehension.

    11:25-11:55 Lunch

    12:00–12:45  Specials

    Day 1: Music

    Day 2: P.E.

    Day 3: Library/Computer Lab

    Day 4: Art

    Day 5: Music

    Day 6: P.E. / Library/ Computer Lab

    Day 7: Library/Computer Lab

    Day 8: Art

    Day 9: Music

    Day 10: P.E.

    Day 11: Library/ Computer Lab

    Day 12: Guidance

    ***WRE will be EVERY OTHER Tuesday


    12:50-1:40  Math

    1:40-2:00  Social Studies/Science

    2:00-2:30 Recess/Snack

    2:30-2:55 Writing

    3:00 Dismiss

    *On Day 6 and 12 in the rotation the schedule will be slightly different. The students will go to specials 1:30-3:00.

Last Modified on August 2, 2018