Augusta County School Board provides all parents with the opportunity to purchase a low-cost accident insurance program for their child (ren). Parents/guardians may choose to participate and pay the premium.
    By declining or failing to respond to this offer of student accident insurance, parents/guardians accept full responsibility, either through a personal health insurance policy or direct payment of expenses, for the cost of any accidental injury to the student while at school or school-related activities. Augusta County Schools does not carry medical or accident insurance on students.
    NOTE: The school board strongly encourages that all children participating in athletics, including athletes, student trainers, managers and cheerleaders, be protected by personal health insurance or a student accident insurance policy. The VHSL Participation form must be signed by the parent/guardian and submitted to the coach prior to team tryouts.
    Markel Insurance Company will offer Student Accident Insurance policies for purchase during the school year.  The following plan brochures explain coverage types and related costs:
    Beginning July 1, 2020, parents can enroll children by calling 877-444-5014 or on-line at Online at the Markel website.