Contact Information:
    Alan Shull (Principal) - shulla@augusta.k12.va.us
    Lea Dean (Assistant Principal) - ldean@augusta.k12.va.us
    Mark Mace (Assistant Principal) - mace.pm@augusta.k12.va.us
    Richard Miller (Activities Director) - miller.ra@augusta.k12.va.us
    Melissa Hill (Bookkeeper) - mhill@augusta.k12.va.us 

    Cara Wheeler (Secretary) - wheeler.cl@augusta.k12.va.us 
    Darli Leichliter (Secretary) - leichliter.dm@augusta.k12.va.us
    Gary Kinzer (Secretary) - kinzer.gl@augusta.k12.va.us

    Our mission at Fort Defiance High School is to prepare our students to be lifelong learners and contributing citizens.  To that end, the administrative team works very hard to build upon the tradition of excellence that has existed since the doors first opened in 1962.  We are extremely proud of the efforts and accomplishments of our student body, faculty, and staff as evidenced in our high attendance rate; success on the SOLs; strong SAT scores; local, state, and national recognition; and the positive school climate that we feel a part of every day.  We look forward to each new day with the potential it possesses and the teaching opportunities it brings.

    Administratively, our philosophy is about the choices we make – have to, choose to, like to, love to.  With each choice we make, comes responsibility. We each have control over the choices we make and our success or failure is dependent upon the choices we make.  In life, successful individuals demonstrate self-discipline and self-respect.  They do not make excuses for their failures, but see these failures as opportunities to learn and to succeed.  Although we can not always control the circumstances, we can always control how we react to them. 

    As stated in the school’s mission, we are trying to develop good citizens as well as educated people.  To this end, we welcome your comments and suggestions along with your involvement in the school community.  We all know it does take a village to raise tomorrow’s citizens and all of our roles as model citizens for our youth should never be underestimated.  Thank you for being involved in the growth and development of tomorrow’s society and please let us know if we can be of service to you.



Last Modified on September 2, 2020