Athletic Physicals - IMPORTANT INFO
    The VHSL requires a current physical exam each school year for all students 
    participating in JV or Varsity level sports.  
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    Athletic Training is the prevention, care, and rehabilitation of sports related injuries. FDHS proudly offers health care for our injured student athletes through our sports medicine program. I am Becky Anhold, the licensed, certified athletic trainer at Fort Defiance High School. I am responsible to oversee the health care of the athletes on each of the 31  junior varsity and varsity athletic teams.
    We believe in a team concept when it comes to sports medicine. Together with the ATC, the coaches, student athletes, parents, administration, and officials work to provide student athletes with a safe athletic environment and efficient care for injuries should they occur. Our coaches are all provided training in First Aid, CPR, Automated External Defibrillation (AED), as well as Concussion Prevention & Recognition.
    My job would be difficult without the help of student athletic training assistants. Student assistants volunteer their time to learn & work in the program. They must obtain certification in First Aid, CPR, AED, Bloodborne Pathogens, Concussion & Heat Illness Recognition.  The students assist with providing drinking water, injury ice, and assisting the ATC or Coach with first aid care for minor injuries.
    We work very closely with a network of health care professionals. We are eternally grateful to Dr. Kent Diduch and Dr. Ramon Esteban, our team physicians. They volunteer their services and time to our program. We enjoy good relationships with many local health care providers from all areas of specialty to ensure our athletes get the care they need. 
    Please feel free to contact me should you have questions or concerns!
    Becky Anhold, VATL, ATC, Advanced EMT
    Licensed, Certified Athletic Trainer
    Advanced EMT, EMS-Education Coordinator
    (540) 245-5050 FDHS - after 3:15 pm works best  
    (540) 290-0055 - personal cell
Last Modified on January 3, 2019