Ancient World History

Welcome Back to School - It's Going to be a Little Different But We Got This!

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    Welcome Back Everyone. My name is Daniel Grant and we'll be examining ancient World History this semester. This includes the rise of early humans, how they settled, and how they expanded. This course will take us all the way up to the Renaissance. 


    Now this semester is going to look a little different than years past. First, scheduling is a little different. Some of you will be coming on Wednesday / Friday and some will be Tuesday / Thursday. Additionally, some will be totally Virtual. I want you to know that whenever I see you and get in contact with you, we are all working towards the same goals - Learning, trying our best, and having some fun! 


    Additionally, we'll be using Canvass (kind of similar to Google Classroom) for most of our class work. I'll be going over this in class and posting tutorials online. Some of this is going to be new to you but we'll make it work!


    As we move forward, I'll be keeping you updated and posting useful links through this website. I hope everyone is excited and ready to rock n roll! 

  • Update #3 - 8/31

    Tomorrow is the Big Day! I can't wait to get everyone started. Here are a few things to know....You will be using Canvas (check out the video in the useful links section on how to get there). Sept 1st I'll be opening the Intro Module and Module 1. You may get start going through these sections. Remember, each module will be posted on Monday and needs to be complete by the following Sunday. If you have any questions, please email or contact me through Canvas. Thanks and have an Awesome Day! 


    Update #2 - 8/17

    Hello Everybody! Looks like we got pushed back a few weeks till September 1st. Both Virtual and In Person will be ready to go. I hope everyone is getting excited for an awesome semester! 


    Update #1 - 8/10 

    Hello Everybody! I wanted to let you know that I'll be posting updates on expectations, changes, and anything I need to let you know on Canvass and on this webpage. First big update is that I will be ready to roll August 18 for both in person and virtual learning. If you are distance learning this semester, again your start date for me is going to be August 18th. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please call or email ( Thanks! 

  • Useful


    Useful Links and Documents 


    1) Mr. Grant's World History I - Syllabus 


    2) Canvass - We Will Be Using This Site For All of Our World History I Content and Activites (Be Sure You Watch The Video Link to Know How to Access Canvass)  


    3) Module Guide - Use this document to help keep pace of all module material during the semester