• Ms. Kristina Gooden

    English 9 & 11

    Room 31

    Email: gooden.km@augusta.k12.va.us  

    If people keep doing the right thing even when no one is forcing them, we will all be okay. 

    Stay Humble; Work Hard; Be Kind

    2020-21 First Semester Schedule

    1st Block: English 9 Composition

    2nd Block: English 11A

    3rd Block: English 11A

    4th Block: Planning


    2020-21 Second Semester Schedule

    1st Block: English 9 Composition

    2nd Block: English 11A

    3rd Block: Planning

    4th Block: English 11A


    School Information:

    Wilson Memorial High School

    189 Hornet Rd.

    Fishersville, VA 22939

    Phone: 540.886.4286

    Fax: 540.886.4611