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    Agriculture education has an important role to play in the education of today's youth as they will be potential producers in Virginia's largest industry and/or consumers of the product that is the result of millions of dollars added to Virginia's economy.  Enjoy some of the fast farm facts below and visit the various class websites to find out more of what we do!


    Fast Farm Facts on Virginia and Augusta County

    • Agriculture and Forestry are Virginia's #1 Industry!
    • The average annual rainfall in the Shenandoah Valley is 33".
    • There are 47,000 farms in Virginia.
    • The average size farm is 171 acres in Virginia.
    • Soybeans are Virginia's #1 cash crop.
    • Virginia produces 250 million broilers annually.  Those 250 million broilers= 1.3 billion pounds of chicken!
    • Virginia ranks 4th nationally for turkey production.
    • Virginia is the fifth largest equine state in the United States.
    • There are 306,000 acres of farmland in Augusta County.
    • Augusta County is #1 in beef cattle production in Virginia.
    • Augusta County is #1 in sheep production in Virginia.
    • Augusta County is #2 in hay production in Virginia.
    • Augusta County is #3 in dairy production in Virginia.

    Source: Virginia Farm Bureau Federation


  • If you would like to browse our FDHS Ag Department and FFA website to see all of the chapter's activities, please visit:  http://fdhsffa.theaet.com/ 


  • If you are an agriculture education student, all course information can be found on your respective Google Classroom site.  Please see Mrs. Kerr for your course information!

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