Augusta County Schools

     Mentorship Program


    The Mentorship Program is an exciting, work-based learning experience available to highly motivated students during their senior year. The one semester course gives students the opportunity to work in a chosen occupation side by side with mentors who are willing to share their knowledge and experience. Mentors provide opportunities for the student to experience/observe typical interactions on the job and help the student understand the importance of technical skills as well as workplace "soft skills." The mentorship coordinator visits periodically to discuss experiences and assess progress. At the conclusion of the experience students share a presentation describing what they learned during the program and how it has impacted their future career plans. This valuable experience facilitates students making well-informed decisions regarding their future career and the skills, education, and training required.


    Mentorship is an exciting opportunity to...

    • work with a local mentor and “try out” an occupation in a career field of interest
    • learn the technical and soft skills needed to be successful in the workplace
    • develop self-confidence and acquire leadership abilities
    • make valuable connections in the work world
    • discover if the career choice is the right one to help make well-informed choices for post-secondary education/training

    The Mentorship Program is an exciting and unique work-based learning experience offered to highly motivated students during their senior year. The one semester course gives students the opportunity to work side by side with mentors who have chosen to share their knowledge, experience, and talents.  Students report to a work site and participate in the daily routines and tasks of that job.



    The competitive program is open to highly motivated seniors from all Augusta County high schools. Submission of an application does not guarantee enrollment. Enrollment is based upon attendance, academic performance, interview, good standing status with the school, and availability of an appropriate placement.



    • During the spring and summer the mentorship coordinator works with enrolled students to secure a placement with a mentor in a career field of interest and to complete all paperwork and training.
    • During the scheduled semester, the student will report to mentorship for one or two blocks during the school day.
    • Experiences, major tasks, and the number of hours worked are documented.
    • The student is evaluated by the mentor and the mentorship coordinator. Grades are assigned.
    • Meetings with the mentorship coordinator occur 2-3 times per semester and attendance is required.
    • A formal presentation is given at the end of the semester to summarize the experience.



    • A student requests mentorship as an elective course during class registration of the junior year.
    • The student completes the online application by February 3. Applications will be available on the mentorship website beginning in late October.
    • The mentorship coordinator interviews applicants and reviews applications.
    • The student receives a letter notifying him/her of enrollment status. 
    • The mentorship coordinator attempts to secure a mentorship placement.
    • The student attends a meeting on the 1st day of the semester he/she is scheduled for mentorship.
    • Mentorship begins on the second day of the semester or in late May/early June for summer mentorship.