• Welcome to Mr. Tratnack's 2020-2021 Schoolwires page. The hats I wear at FDHS include teaching World Geography, Virginia & U.S. Government, and Street Law, and sponsoring FDHS chapter of the National Honor Society. I hope that you find this website useful. 

    2020-2021 Schedule

    1st semester

    2nd semester

    Block 1: NTA Block 1: Street Law
    Block 2: World Geography Block 2: NTA
    Block 3: VA & US Government Block 3: World Geography
    Block 4:  World Geography Block 4: World Geography

    The purpose of my expectations is to create a positive classroom climate that is structured yet relaxed and ensures that the classroom is a place where the teacher can teach and students can learn.
    1. Treat yourself, others, and property with respect by your actions and language.
    2.  Be on time and in your seat with required materials ready to learn by the tardy bell. Start on bellwork without waiting for teacher's prompt.
    3.  Listen carefully the first time that rules or instructions are given.
    4. Student conduct will allow the teacher to teach and students to learn.
    5. Be silent when someone else is talking.
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    Fort Defiance High School
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