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    Coach Brooks

    Kevin H. Brooks

    Contact Information


    Email:  kbrooks@augusta.k12.va.us


    Phone:  (540) 245-5050
    ****** Please understand that these are difficult times for students, parents and teachers.  We are all in this together and we will be learning how best to educate and help you as we procede.  I'm sure we will need to be flexible with our online learning. If you do your part to meet deadlines, then I will be more flexible when we run into issues. Please feel free to email me anytime if you need anything.  I will do my best as a professional to give you the best possible experience I can.  I have been teaching for 30 years at FDHS with great success, but all of this online learning and technology is also very new to me.  I believe if we help each other as much as possible, we can all be successful.*****
    Daily Routine:  We will be possibly be doing multiple sections per day.
    Login to your Chromebook and access Canvas.  Find Coach Brooks Geometry.
    1. Watch section video to learn material. Take notes if needed.
    2. Complete the practice worksheet in your notebook and check answers. Do not skip this part before doing HW. The practice sheet is to prepare you for HW since it already has answers. I may ask you to send picture of practice worksheet on occasion.  Do the Practice at top and HW at bottom of notebook page...Label !!!
    3. Complete Homework assignment and submit.
    4. Next morning....check your Homework answers. If by some chance you think I made a mistake in making the Answer Key, please let me know via email ASAP. I am human and make mistakes.
    5. Complete the quiz for that section.
    Each section will take approximately 30-45 minutes all inclusive.
    Remember...everything now counts toward your grade so be proactive on keeping up.  You are in an Advanced Geometry class and you are expected by me to do quality work in a timely manner.
    All graded work online will give you 2 attempts but they will be an average of the 2 grades.  For instance: Attempt 1 = 80%  Attempt 2 = 100% so your final grade will be a 90%.  This allows for improvement but at same times keeps you from guessing randomly on Attempt 1 to see the questions without consequence.

    The following Online Student Resources are accessible to Students:


    Canvas Calendar:  Daily Assignments and Due Dates.


    Canvas Modules:  Instructional Videos including practice materials, homework, quizzes and tests.


    * Students are required to use online modules at least 1 hour per day.


    * Students can use Google meets to video me if they are having issues.


    * Grades are based on:

        Tests .....50%......There is a Test at end of each Module.

        Quizzes.....40%.....There is a quiz at the end of each section.

        Daily Participation and HW....10%...Daily time spent and Homework.


    * These percentages are ACPS policy.


    * The Geometry Curriculum will be a combination of Modules from Virtual Virginia along notes, videos, and materials from other sources.

    2020-2021 Schedule


    First Semester


    Block 1 – NTA/Planning


    Block 2 – Geometry A


    Block 3 – Geometry A
    Block 4 – Geometry A

    Second Semester


     Block 1 – NTA/Planning 

    Block 2 – Discrete Math
    Block 3 – Discrete Math 
    Block 4 – Discrete Math