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     Technology Student Association is commonly known as TSA. It is a after school program that emphasizes the use of Engineering principles to solve technological issues. Each school has eight leaders that run the schools chapter. Members compete at regional and state levels. The state competition is known as Technosphere. Members dress in buisness dress consisting of slacks, button up shirt, and a tie.

    TSA Creed

    I believe that Technology Education holds an important place in my life in the technical world.  I believe there is a need for the development of good attitudes concerning work, tools, materials, experimentation and processes of industry.


    Guided by my teachers, artisans from industry, and my own initiative, I will strive to do my best in making my school, community, state, and nation better places in which to live.


    I will accept the responsibilities that are mine.  I will accept the theories that are supported by proper evidence.  I will explore on my own for safer, more effective methods of  working and living.


    I will strive to develop a cooperative attitude and will exercise tact and respect for other individuals.


    Through the work of my hands and mind, I will express my ideas to the best of my ability.


    I will make it my goal to do better each day the task before me, and to be steadfast in my belief in my God, and my fellow Americans.
           "Learning To Live In A Technical World"
Last Modified on October 27, 2017