Assignments for March 16-20:
    All information can be found in Google Classroom. Students, please check Google Classroom. Parents, see post in Google Classroom below:
    "PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: As reported in class last week, Geometry Part II students will be expected to complete their 2nd Chapter 10 assignment (sections 10-5 to 10-8) at home. I will leave the assignment open in Socrative, room HUTCHENS58 from 3/17/20 until 3/23/20. The 12-question assignment will be open note, open internet, etc. Please do the assignment all in one sitting, as Socrative will not save your progress. IMPORTANT NOTES: Should you miss this deadline, your assignment will NOT be open note when you return! Students with an IEP will take their test when we return from our closure to ensure appropriate accommodations are met.

    This will be the only thing assigned unless our closing extends past 2 weeks. We have put in a lot of work on this chapter...I'm sure everyone will be glad to put it behind them! :)

    For students without reliable WIFI, you have three available options:
    #1: A Socrative APP is available in your app store and you can take the assignment on your phone from there,
    #2: Contact me through Google Classroom or email to request a paper copy of the assignment to be left in the front office (if you have no internet access whatsoever and hear about this post another way, please call the front office and have them contact me for a paper copy), OR
    #3: Complete your assignment when we return from our closure. It will still be open note, open internet, etc.

    **Paper copies are ONLY available to those without reliable internet access.**

    Be safe and wash your hands (wash them to the ABC song so you know you have done it long enough!)!
    Miss Hutch" 
    bee amazing
Last Modified on March 16, 2020