• Math first nine weeks:
              Week 1:  Ongoing review of basic addition and subtraction facts
              Week 1:  SOL 4.1a-b  place value
              Week 2: SOL 4.1 c Rounding
                Week 3 SOL 4.16 a-b   Algebra addition:
                 WK. 4 place value/ decimals
    Wk 5 Rounding decimals
    wk 6 addition/subtraction (decimals)
    wk 7graphing
    wk 8 Multiplication
                  Wk.  9 multiplication
                   Wk. 10 multiplication
                   Wk. 11 Liquid volume
                    Week 12 weight/mass 
                     Wk 13 elapsed time
                     Wk. 14 geometry
                       Wk. 15 geometry
                         Wk 16 Geomritic solid figures
                       Wk 17 patterns
                       Wk 18 Benchmark review
                   Wk. 19-21 Division  SOL 4,4 a and c  ( Harcourt pages 280-305)
                   Wk. 22  fractions
                   Wk. 23  fractions
                    WK. 24   linear measurement               
                   Wk. 25 area /perimeter
                   Wk.  26 fractions/ computations)
                   WK  27  fractions computations
                   wK  28   fractions/ computations
                   Wk  29  probability
                   Wk 30 SGA/ Flex
    SOL Review until SOL Testing Window
    Science:   SOL 4.1 Scientific Method  Ongoing all year within every unit!
    Weeks 1-5:
               SOL 4.4 Life Processes 
                       a. structures of typical plants
                        b. processes and structures involved in reproduction
                        c. photosynthesis
                         d. dormancy
    Weeks 6- 10
                SOL 4.5 Living Systems
                        a. distinguish between structural ( physical) abd behavioral adaptations
                         b.organization of communities
                         c. flow of energy through food webs
                          d. habitats and niches
                          e. life cycles
                           f, influence of human activity on ecosystems
    Weeks 13-17
               SOL 4.2 and 4.1
                         Motion, direction and speed
                         Kinetic energy
    Weeks 18-22
                SOL 4.1 Science Fair Projects Will be displayed at February PTA Meeting! 
                SOL 4.7
                          Moon phasees
                          Make up of earth , sun, moon
                          Historical contributions
                          New 2011 Planets/ solar system
    BELOW you will find a LINK to JMU's space camp website and other information about their FREE planeterium/observation dates. 
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