• General Athletic Guidelines:
    Click on this link for the Student/Athlete Handbook:  Athletic Handbook
      Season Passes    Per Year  Per Season (Fall/Winter/Spring)
     Family Pass (Immediate Family Only)  $250.00  $100.00
     Adult Pass (Individual)         $175.00  $75.00
     Student Pass (Individual)             $50.00  $25.00
     Senior Citizen (Individual & 62 or Older)   $50.00  $25.00
    *These passes are only valid for regular season home events.  There is not a senior citizen discount at the gate.  The only discount that is applicable is the purchase of a Buffalo Gap Senior Pass. 
    Attendance at practice/gamesMissed practices will effect an athletes time to prepare for the contest.
    Parents/Fans Sportsmanship: (Information taken from the VHSL Handbook)
    Good sportsmanship is a top priority of the VHSL. The manner in which your school and community are represented is far more important than whether your team wins or loses the games they play.  Good sportsmanship is all about respect – respect for oneself, for teammates and coaches, for opposing players and coaches, for contest officials, and for the game. Inappropriate behavior is easy to identify. One need ask only two questions:
    1. Is the observed behavior respectful of the targeted audience?
    2. Does the observed behavior reflect positively on BGHS?
    If the answer to either question is no, then the behavior is inappropriate and must not be tolerated. Respect for players and coaches of participating teams, game officials and tournament personnel must be a priority at all times and in all situations. Much of the behavior you see televised at college games is inappropriate at ANY level, but most especially at the high school level. The following list, though not inclusive, provides examples of behaviors that are disrespectful and thus unsportsmanlike, but are often witnessed at athletic events:
    Turning your back or pretending to read a newspaper during player introductions.
    Not standing attentively or shouting “oh” during the National Anthem.
    Booing anyone.
    Taunting or baiting anyone.
    Singling out an opponent and yelling personal remarks.
    Mooing, barking, or making other inappropriate gestures or sounds toward anyone.
    Chanting such things as “over-rated,” or “you, you, you” (after a foul), “warm-up the bus,”etc.
    Using profanity toward anyone.
    Using racial, ethnic or other slurs.
    Throwing things onto the court/field or toward others.
    The responsibility for good sportsmanship rests with each and every one of us. One person behaving inappropriately can ruin the state tournament experience for many. Cheer for your team, but respect the other team and the game officials. Be a fan, not a fanatic.
    Remember, good sportsmanship is all about respect. Win with humility; lose with grace; do both with dignity.
    Athletic Physicals and FormsAre required for an athlete to participate in open gyms, conditioning, and try-outs. 
    1. VHSL Physical Form Link (Fill out completely - PDF file)*: 2017/18 VHSL Physical Form
    2. Student-Athlete Pledge/Out of Season Waiver Form (sign & return)*: Student-Athlete Form
    3. Concussion Form (sign & return)*: 2017/18 Concussion Form
    a. Concussion information for parents (PDF file): Concussion Information for Parents
    b. Concussion informaton for student-athletes (PDF file): Concussion Information for Student-Athletes
    Special RecognitionFor those teams that we recognize a "Senior Night", this event in intended to recognize the athlete for their years of playing that particular sport.  This will usually take place before or after an event towards the end of the season.  This event does not require the coach to play and/or start a senior. 
    Post-Season Awards:  For any athlete to be considered for any postseason award (school, district, region, state), they must demonstrate outstanding ability, character, sportsmanship, and various other positive traits.
    College Eligibility:   Student-athletes are responsible for achieving and protecting their eligibility status.  Go to www.eligibilitycenter.org for more information.
Last Modified on July 30, 2019