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         Hello!  I'd like to introduce myself. 
    My name is Donetta Boothe.  I graduated from Mary Baldwin University in 1993.  I have worked for Augusta County  since graduation.  I have taught K, 1st, and 4th grade.  However, I have spent the past 24 years teaching first grade. Those 24 years have been some of the most rewarding years of my life! I love teaching first grade!   I have other "jobs", too.  I serve as the RTI team leader and team leader for first grade.  I am also the TLC coordinator.  I love staying busy!!
         When I'm not busy at school, I enjoy spending time with my WONDERFUL family!  My husband and I have two fantastic children. We just celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary this summer.  Our daughter is working hard to finish her college degree.  Her major will be in biology with a concentration in Forensic Science. She got married in December 2016 and I now have a new son.  I also have a precious "granddog" named Mochi.  Our son is our "techie" guy.  He loves retro/new video games, surfing on the computer,  and "hanging out" with our dogs, Bella, Sasha, and Molly. He also works in the electronics department at Target.  He is my "lifesaver" when it comes to all things "computer"! He teaches me new things daily and keeps me "up to date" on everything "techie".  My husband and I are very excited about all these new changes in our family!  However, we are still amazed at how quickly our children grew up!!  It seems like yesterday that they were just starting  first grade!  Sigh!!  My family is AWESOME and I love them to pieces!!  
    Bella and Sasha   Molly   Mochi
                                (Bella and Sasha)                                                                               (Molly)                                                  (Mochi-granddog)
        My family loves visiting Disney World! It is our favorite vacation spot. We have been there over 12 times! I always feel six years old, again, when I go to Disney World.  I always have a wonderful experience!  I love creating special memories with my family! I love Disney at Christmas time! It is so beautiful!  My favorite Disney character is Tinkerbell.  Did you know that a real Tinkerbell flies from the top of Cinderella's castle every night before the fireworks display at the Magic Kingdom?  Cool, huh?!
         In my  free time I like taking photos, reading, working/playing on the computer, and "hanging out" with my family!  My family is very special to me.  We have lots of fun adventures together! We also love experiencing lots of different cultures, especially the food!  We love cooking together in the kitchen and trying to recreate some of our new found favorite dishes from around the world.  I am learning to "like" cooking for the first time in 26 years of marriage!  Usually my husband does all of the cooking at our house!  Lucky me! My family loves to laugh and have a great time together.     
      All About Mrs.Boothe's
     Favorite Things!
    Birthday: June 4th
          Favorite Color:  Bright Green
           Favorite Season  : Spring
           Favorite Holiday: Christmas
           Favorite Scent Clean fresh "smells" (Clean Cotton, Linen), Cinnamon and Spice
     Favorite Flower: Rose or Sunflower
           Favorite Restaurant: Carraba's (LOVE!),Cracker Barrel, Cheesecake Factory, and The Melting Pot
           Favorite Candy:  Anything Chocolate! My all time favorites are SNICKERS and PEANUT BUTTER CUPS!!!
    I love anything with chocolate and nuts!
    I have recently discovered that I LOVE White Chocolate Lindor Truffles.  Who knew white chocolate could be so yummy!?
    Favorite Dessert: Cheesecake (any and ALL flavors) and Peanut Butter Pie
    Favorite Snack: Chips (Doritos and BBQ Fritos Twists), Smart Pop White Cheddar Popcorn
           Favorite Drink: Starbucks  Frappuccino, Cherry Coke-Zero
    Favorite Fast Food: Chick-Fil-A, Taco Bell, DAPS and Ciro's
     Favorite way to relax: Getting a mani/pedi or crafting
    Favorite Weekend Activity: Crafting ( I love my CRICUT cutting machine!), traveling to new places,  shopping (clothes,craft supplies and anything Disney), antique shopping, and woodworking projects with my husband
    Yes..... I like to go to Lowe's! 
    Mrs. Boothe  
     Fun Facts About Mrs. Boothe
     I am one of the original teachers that helped open Stump Elementary!
     I became a "mother-in law"for the first time in December (2016)
    I have been to Disney World 12 times!  I LOVE it there!! 
    I'm a total theme park "junkie"!  I love thrill rides especially roller coasters! 
    I love to take photographs!
     I am a total "germaphobe"!  Hand sanitizer is my friend! =0)   
    (I think I should own stock in Bath and Body!)
    I am one of four children. 
     My brothers and sister all have blonde hair and blue eyes. 
     I am the only one that has dark hair and brown eyes.
    I became a GREAT AUNT for the third time in March 2019! 
    My oldest nephew teaches 9th grade Earth Science at SDHS.
    My second oldest niece is a 4th grade teacher in Harrisonburg City.
    My third oldest niece teaches 1st grade at Wilson Elementary.  
    Wow!  You could say teaching is in our blood!  I am one proud AUNT!! 
    If you would like to contact Mrs. Boothe:  
         Phone: 337-1549