• first grade word
    School is not successful without your help! By working together, we can help your child reach success! Use these simple tips to help make school/learning important!
    20 minutes is all it takes!
    Setting aside 20 minutes a night to work with your child can make a world of difference.  Make this a FUN time with your child!  Let your child choose the activity, whether it be an educational game, reading a story to each other, or incorporating learning into a sport activity.  Your child will grow from your enthusiasm!
    One of our school goals is to have each child miss less than 10 days during the  school year! 
    Make attendance at school a priority!  Regular attendance helps to communicate to your child the importance of school.  Poor attendance makes it extremely difficult for children to keep up with what is happening in the classroom. 
    I understand that there are certain circumstances that permit your child from being in school.   If your son/daughter is absent from school for several days, please contact the school (337-1549) so that missed assignments can be prepared and picked up to be completed at home. Remember that all absences from school must be accompanied by a note the day that your child returns to school. 
    Parent Participation
    I cannot do this without you!  There will be several opportunities to assist with projects and assignments in the classroom.  I greatly appreciate your help, and so does your child!  Please attempt to attend school/class functions when you can. Your willingness to participate helps to show your child the importance of school. Check your child's home folder every night. Take time to read the Bobcat Tale (monthly school news), monthly class calendar, classroom memos, PTA newsletters, the school/class webpage, etc.  to find many opportunities to show your support.  Join the PTA! Get involved as much as possible!