Smith Family

     How fortunate I am to be spending my 34th year teaching music with such wonderful students at Guy K. Stump!   Besides music, my hobbies include farming, gardening, sailing and tennis.  I have a very musical family.  My husband, Larry Smith, teaches music at Hugh K. Cassell and is an organist.  My son, Christopher, has returned from the Marines and is working towards a career in computer technology. Millie, my daughter, is entering her third year of teaching with a degree in Music Education.  Both children are gifted in music.

         I hope my love for music reflects in the students here at Stump.  My goal is to show my students how music can be a life-long passion in their lives.  By exposing them to singing, instrument playing, listening skills,  movement and theater, my hope is they will gain self-assurance, value and excitement through music. 

         Please visit my music games and links often.  They include note reading, musical games, dances and family-friendly activities.  If you know of other links that would benefit our music program, please send me the link!   I look forward to meeting all the parents and hope you will enjoy the musical programs we have lined up for the school year!