·        Provide first aid and emergency care

    ·        Administer medications and performing treatments ordered by a physician

    ·        Manage  student chronic illness during school hours

    ·        Conduct mandated vision, hearing screenings

    ·        Gather health related information for educational purposes

    ·        Provide health related resources students & staff

    ·        Ensure compliance with Virginia State Board of Education regulations regarding physicals, immunizations and other state required data

    ·        Identify health problems which may interfere with learning

    ·        Assist with the prevention and control of contagious diseases

    ·        Coordinate referrals

    ·        Participate in disaster preparedness

    ·        Collaborate with staff, parents, and health care professionals on health related issues

    ·        Assist in keeping the student healthy in the classroom



Last Modified on February 7, 2019