When your child is going to be absent, please call the school office by 10:00 a.m. You will be asked to state the name of the child and the reason for the absence. Following the absence from school, your child is required to submit a written excuse.  This note should be written and signed by a physician or parent/guardian and include the date(s) of and the reason for their absence.


    EMERGENCY CARE Information

    All students are required to have an emergency care information on file.  The information provided  is vital for your child.  In the event your child should become injured or ill, this information can save valuable time in contacting you concerning the situation.  It is important for the clinic aide to be aware of allergies, health conditions or medications your child is taking.  Correct phone numbers, addresses, and contact people are critical.  It is desired that emergency contacts reside locally for the benefit of the child.  It is distressing for a sick or injured child to have to wait for someone to come from out of the immediate area.  Please notify the school immediately in writing as soon as any change to the emergency contact information occurs.  This will then be changed in the data base and on the emergency care card.




    We encourage students to wash their hands frequently.  This is the most effective measure to prevent the spread of illnesses.  Please reinforce healthy habits, including blowing noses, covering coughs, brushing teeth, and keeping hands away from mouth and face regions.


    Please review the “Guidelines for Keeping Ill Children Home from School” which can be found on the Augusta County handbook or on the website at www.augusta.k12.va.us.  Attendance and punctuality are important, but staying home to recover from an illness is a greater need.  Children who come to school sick will spread their illness to others.




    Parents/Guardians are advised to give medications at home if possible.  When medication needs to be given at school the prescribing physician must fill out a ‘Medication Permission Form’.  The parent or guardian will complete the form and bring it and the medication to school for the child.  A student cannot bring medications to school.  Narcotics will not be given at school.  The ‘Medication Guidelines’ can be found in the Augusta County Handbook or on the website at www.augusta.k12.va.us.




    If a student has a specific health needs (seizure precautions, blood sugar checks, oxygen needs, feeding tubes, or others), the parent is to contact the clinic aide to schedule a time to meet along with the Regional School Health Coordinator, Sherry Harvey, RN, to arrange for these needs to be taken care of during the school day.  A health care plan will be prepared for your child. 








Last Modified on February 7, 2019