Growing together...In the library!
    One of the goals of the LMC is to teach responsibility in taking care of books. I stress:
    • Not mixing books with lunch bags and boxes.  (Spilled drinks are the number one way books have been damaged here at GKSES in the past!)
    • Keeping books away from pets and small children who may inadvertently damage them.
    • Not drawing in, cutting, or stickering library books
    Check Outs and Returns
    Kindergarteners start checking out in the easy/ picture book section of the library.  They will move to the non fiction section later.  They may get to "chapter books" as they are able to read them.  We strongly recommend reading to your child every day.  Please feel free to come in to check out books you want them to hear or ask for suggested readings.
    Kindergarteners begin by checking out one book at a time, but they may come in every morning to exchange it. After winter break, kindergarten my begin checking out two books.
    Grades 1st-5th may check out three books or magzines. Books and magazines are due back in two weeks, although most children opt to return books on their library day. Reference materials may be checked out overnight only.
    Overdue Books
    If a book is lost and later is found, money paid will be refunded. You may take several weeks to look for it before paying for it. Please call or write me to let me know that you are trying to track missing items. Sometimes GKSES library items are accidentally returned to the public libraries. You must make the effort to get them back. If a page falls out of a book or magazine, please send it back to me to be mended. As long as it can be repaired for continued circulation there will be no charge.

    Computer generated overdue notices will be sent home often so you will be aware of late or lost items. We check out books, magazines, audio books on tape and CD, and a few educational videos.
    Lost Books
    Lost and damaged books are fined at the book's current replacement cost.
    End of the Year Due Date
    All library materials are due two weeks before the final school day.
    Please remind your child about taking care of books. There are no fines for late items, but payment must be made for items that are damaged or lost.
    Let's work together to be sure your child is getting the best education possible by using the library!