• Hello all! 

    I was very sad when they announced schools would remain closed for the rest of the 2019-2020 school year. I feel like we do not get the closure we would normally experience in transitioning the students to First grade. Many of them do not realize I won't be their teacher next year. I also know many parents are concerned about students readiness for First grade as a result of losing instruction time. I strongly encourage you to keep practicing sight words everyday. Go ahead and do all the sight words combined. Don't forget to mix them up and remember they need to be memorized, not sounded out. If you feel your child is mastering the words have them write them for extra practice. You can make this fun, use side walk chalk, make the words with craft supplies, etc. The next step is also making sure the child recognizes the sight words in books. Many of them know them on the flash card and need help transferring that to recognizing them in text. You can also begin to have them write simple sentences using their sight words. For example, I see the big dog. Those are sight words we have practiced and then the word dog is a CVC word they can sound out on their own. Encourage them to draw pictures to match the sentence and talk about using appropriate color choices in our drawings and using shapes to help us draw.  Keep them practicing counting to 100 and counting by tens to 100. In class, we often mix counting by tens with exercises; counting while doing jumping jacks, etc. Have them count objects keeping one to one correspondence (pointing or touching the object while saying the correct number of items counted). This can be counting macaroni or blocks or puzzle pieces, anything! Have them write their numbers to 30. Again you can make this creative to make it more fun. We also practiced sorting.  They can help sort laundry, groceries, or their play items by putting like items in piles. Similarly, you can give them materials or objects to add together since we already covered simple addition. We also did patterns. Students are great at this in class during playtime they use blocks to make patterns to show me still. They do not need to be complex patterns as long as they repeat the same way throughout. Please continue to read to students and have them read to you. I strongly encourage using Raz Kids because that is where they are able to read books on their level. If you need the log in info again please send me a message on Remind and I'll be happy to give it to you. I can't encourage that free resource enough. Also read to them and discuss story elements, who is the main character? Do they have a problem? What is the solution to their problem? Can you make a connection to the story? For example, if the story is about bed time or a character who is visiting family, can you talk about a time you have experienced those situations or feelings? Ask them what their favorite part of the story was and have them retell short stories back to you recalling the main events and correct sequence of the story; this happened first, then this etc. If you have a spare notebook or paper at home you could have them begin a simple journal and connect it to things we've learned this year. Have them draw and write what each season looks like. Have them write and draw about their favorite field trip or classmate or favorite Kindergarten memory. They can also do what they are looking forward to doing this summer or in First grade. This may also help them process the end of Kindergarten. It is also a great platform to review material we have covered or just provide good talking points and sharing between your child and you. It's a great way to have them continue to draw and color each day to keep up their fine motor skills. Make sure to have a balanced day. Routine is important.  Please limit tv and game time. It really does affect their attention span. Encourage outside activities when the weather gets nice. And remember to point out the changes that the season of Spring brings outside. If you have a child with siblings, playing teacher-student is a great way to encourage learning in play time. The idea here is not to teach new skills but to keep what we have learned fresh in their minds. If you need any ideas at all or can't recall some of the other units we have covered, please message me on Remind. Have them continue the letter sound bag and recognizing letters upper and lower case and writing them correctly.  They definitely need solid letter sound knowledge and recognition for First grade.  I would be happy to assist you in any way. Some of these suggestions were on our take home packet but hopefully this will help you extend that beyond the packet for the time being. Playing simple board games or card games is another great activity for couting on dice and playing cooperatively with others. I really believe in these students, they have all made progress this year! I don't want to see them lose anything they have worked so hard to gain during the school year. As always, I am here if you need anything. I pray for everyone to stay healthy and safe. We will get through this!

Last Modified on March 26, 2020