• Air Conditioning & Refrigeration III

    (Part III from Part II-Level Curriculum)


    Refrigeration III is a continuation from the Part II-level class that picks up on unit 25 and continues to unit 36 in the same textbook.  The objectives to be included but not limited too are as follows.


    1. Special refrigeration system components.
    2. Application of refrigeration systems.
    3. Special refrigeration applications.
    4. Troubleshooting and typical operating conditions.
    5. Electric heat.
    6. Gas heat.
    7. Oil heat.
    8. Hydronic heat.
    9. Alternative heating (stoves, fireplace inserts and solar)
    10. Indoor air quality.
    11. Refrigeration applied to air conditioning.

    Prerequisite: Air Conditioning & Refrigeration I & II


Last Modified on October 6, 2017