• Basic/Advanced Masonry

    Masonry is a 36 hour class designed to teach the identification, selection, and proper use of masonry tools, equipment, and supplies required for residential construction. Training goals include:

    1. Demonstrating required OSHA safety practices

    2. Demonstrating proper use of tools and related equipment

    3. Selecting proper concrete masonry units, clay/shale, brick, mortars, reinforcement, mechanical anchors, and flashing

    4. Estimating materials

    5. Selecting proper procedures for cleaning masonry

    6. Laying-out various projects

    7. Repairing masonry walls

    Requirements: OSHA approved safety glasses, 6” or high work shoe, long trousers, shirts with short or long sleeves. Tools will be provided by the masonry department.

Last Modified on October 23, 2008