• Beg. Computer/Introduction to Windows 10

     This course introduces participants to the use of a computer, using Microsoft’s operating system, Windows 10. In this course, participants will learn how to recognize and customize properties of Windows, and learn to use some of the built-in programs such as a Word Processor. File management and organization will be a topic of focus. In addition, participants will learn to create an efficient work environment, clean up their system and be introduced to finding information on the Internet.

     Materials needed: USB Flash Drive

    Learning Outcomes

     ·         Create a document by using WordPad.

    ·         Organize the contents of your hard drive using Windows Explorer.

    ·         Create an efficient work environment by using Control Panel and Accessibility programs.

    ·         Perform a variety of media tasks by using the Help and Support Center.

    ·         Clean up your system by using My Computer and the Recycle Bin.

    ·         Find information on the Internet by using Internet Explorer.

Last Modified on May 10, 2017