• Fundamentals of Electricity

    A.        Introduction to Electricity

                1.         Atomic Theory

    a.                   Atom

    b.                  Electron

    c.                   Protron

    d.                  Neutron

    2.         Basic Electric Circuit Components

    a.                   Source

    b.                  Conductors

    c.                   Load

    d.                  Control

    3.         Electric Circuit Variable Characteristics and Units of Measure

    a.                   Voltage – volts

    b.                  Current – amps

    c.                   Resistance – ohms

    d.                  Power – watts

    4.         Basic Electrical Safety

    a.                   Electrical shock

    b.                  Electrical burns

    c.                   Fire and explosion

    d.                  Heat buildup

    e.                   Mechanical hazards

    f.                    Fock, tag, clear, try, release

    B.         Direct Current (DC) Fundamentals

                1.         Basic Circuit Configuration

    a.                   Series

    b.                  Parallel

    c.                   Combination

    2.         Discussion of Fundamental Laws

    a.                   Ohm’s

    b.                  Kirchhouff

    3.         Basic Circuit Calculations Including Circuit Configuration and Laws

    C.        Electrical Diagrams

                1.         Pictorial

                2.         Wiring

                3.         Schematic

                4.         Schematic Symbols

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