• Industrial Electricity – Power II

    This course covers the principles and applications of transformers.  Typical transformers such as step up, step down, buck/boost, isolation and autotransformers are discussed.  Single Phase as well as Three Phase power distribution derived from transformers within the facilities will be discussed.

    I.                    Introduction to transformers


    a.         Transformer construction

    b.                  Turns ratio

    c.                   Addictive/Subtractive polarities

    d.                  Transformer Inductance and Impedance

    e.                   Calculations of voltage, current, and power

    f.                    Transformer concepts


    II.         Types of Transformers


                a.         Step up Transformers

    b.                  Step down Transformers

    c.                   Isolation Transformers

    d.                  Buck/Boost Transformers

    e.                   Autotransformers


    III.       Transformer Applications


                a.         Wiring of Single phase Transformers

    b.                  Wiring of Three phase Transformers

    c.                   Wiring of WYE/Delta configuration

    d.                  Wiring of Delta/WYE configuration

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